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How to upgrade from Template Developer Package to All-in-one Package

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Hello guys,

The All-In-One package has been launched in recent days and many lucky customers grabbed it at a very special price.

However, for those who bought Template Developer Package (including all templates) and want to upgrade to All-In-One package (including all templates and all extensions), please follow these easy steps to own all Joomlashine products:

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GOZEN host chooses JSN Escape to build the official website

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Welcome to another showcase of JoomlaShine products. In this blog post, we are featuring GOZEN host. GOZEN Host, operated since 2008, is an expert in developing applications and infrastructures for high scalability, web-focused business. The owner, Paschalakis Manos chooses JSN Escape to build the official website:

Let’s discover what he thought about JSN Escape:


We use Joomla 3.2.x for our website as we believe it's one solid and stable version of Joomla with lots of new features that make Site Administration easy and at the same time secure.

JSN Escape showcase

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GET huge value & SAVE big money with our totally new ALL-in-One dev package

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All-in-one developer package promotion

Today, we’re happy to announce the best JoomlaShine package to help you get the highest value at an insanely low price: All-in-One developer package.

This package will meet the needs of all web designers, freelancers, and site-builders who are in love with JoomlaShine templates and extensions.

What you can get

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Important support policy changes from April 7, 2014

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Dear our value customers,

Thank you for choosing Joomlashine as your template and extension provider. Understanding this, we are always striving for the best support services.

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[WEBINAR] Stress-free Mobile site creator for your Joomla website

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Mobile site design for Joomla is a time-consuming task for both expert designers and regular users, but mobile devices are increasing rapidly. What can we do to deal with this issue?

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