The Biggest Sale of the year: 50% OFF from JoomlaShine and Partners

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JoomlaShine and our partners strongly believe that your business is making a considerable contribution to the development of society. We want to give you a hand to make the world better with our favorable selling policies: Sale of 50% off, over 5 days

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What Is The Difference Between JoomlaShine Free vs Pro Templates [Infographic]

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Hello dears!

Have you ever wondered about the difference between Free vs Pro Editions of JoomlaShine templates, and what you will get when you grab a Pro template? I am 100% sure that these questions have occurred to everyone. Hence, in this blog post, our team is more than excited to provide you with an infographic, which compares Free and Pro templates side by side, as well as the analysis of some outstanding features that you might not know about JoomlaShine templates.

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JoomlaShine showcase: English language school with JSN Pixel

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Today, I am happy to give you another real experience from our satisfy customers. Alexander Mack said that “I really love working with JSN! It makes it all so easy.” He chooses JSN Pixel to build his English language school website:  Do you want to know how can JSN Pixel help him to build a website easily? Here are his answers:


Mackdonald language academy is an English language school in Kilkenny, Ireland. We offer English courses to learners of all ages. We are specialised in offering 'all inclusive' English language stays to kids and teenagers in three course locations across Ireland. Our English Junior Camps in Ireland have been the first choice for many students from all over the world. We use Joomla 2.5.6 for our website.

Mackdonald language academy website

Your overall satisfaction about JoomlaShine service

Excellent - very satisfied.

The reason why you choose JSN Pixel

Easy to implement, continuous updates, looks great and professional.

The best experience you had with our products.

It´s so easy to use and built logically. I found my way round the backend in no time... I installed your sample data and changed it to my requirements. JSN ImageShow, PowerAdmin, UniForm. Great extensions, easy to use and implement on the site. They are continuously updated and improved. No problems encountered.

Your opinion about the quality of our support

Excellent support at JSN. Very professional and helpful.

We would like to thank Alexander Mack for his experience about JoomlaShine product. If you want to share your story, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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JSN Megazine is an attractive and charming Joomla template with a responsive layout dedicated to your news and magazine websites.

Its unique design delivers radiant colors and unmistakable arrangement equipped with knockout features that make it a beloved Joomla template. Whether you are an owner of a magazine website or another type of website, JSN Megazine is a must-have in your collection.

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JSN Blank – a perfect starting point for your website and is exclusively available for Developer Package subscriptions.

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Let’s say this would be the incredibly clean and neat template in our collection. It is a perfect starting point for your Joomla website, from simple to complicated, and for every category including business, personal portfolio, blog, etc.

Like a frame of a great masterpiece, JSN Blank has responsive layout and provides various features and extended styles for K2 and Kunena, allowing you to creatively build a website in your unique way. Have a look at the features below:

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