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Joomla affiliate program : make money online step by step

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Updated on Thusday, 10 January 2013


There are many ways to make money online with Joomla; one of them is by joining a Joomla affiliate program.

You just need to register an account, promote a Joomla product and the money will roll right in. It sounds attractive, right? I know that some of you might want to be an affiliate to make money online. So now, let's get some behind-the-screen secrets revealed.

Joomla affiliate programs

Make money online with a Joomla affiliate program

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Joomla book review: Joomla 1.7 Beginner's Guide

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Some day you may want to make a website yourself, and you want it to be powered by Joomla CMS. However, the problem here is that you are newbie; you really don't know anything and don't know where you should start. So I will bring you a little bit of a surprise, a review of "Joomla 1.7 Beginner's Guide". It's a good Joomla book for beginners.

Joomla 1.7 Beginner's Guide

The book's hard cover

Before I read this guideline, I also knew nothing about Joomla or how to use it to create a website. However, I spent my time to explore this guide and I feel that it's really useful. So, now I make a Joomla book review to share it with you based on my own perspective.

Before I show you the main content of this review, I would like to introduce you to the chief author and co-authors who contributed to this guideline.

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Remarkable Joomla powered websites - Amazing illustrations for your desirable websites

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Today, the internet has become an integral part in the lives of modern humans. You can sit for hours on the Internet to chat with friends, update information, and satisfy hobbies like listening to music, watching movies, writing blogs or simply visiting your favorite webpages like fashion, television shows or online shopping...

Have you ever exclaimed "so amazing, very beautiful!" to show appreciation when you see a very impressive site? You give it praise and admiration... Why not make your own site which you can be proud of. With a platform tool Joomla, the desirable website was born. Let's explore these remarkable Joomla powered websites from the Joomla Community Showcase. Who knows, in the future, you may have a beautiful site by yourself? Joomla template customization is not too difficult to do.

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9 Joomla Template frameworks

Joomla Template frameworks for developers

Joomla templates satisfy many Joomla! beginners with designs available to create websites quickly. However, Joomla developers prefer Joomla template frameworks. They love the challenge of customization work, to get worthwhile results – their unique websites.

There are just a few template frameworks in the Joomla market. In this article, I will introduce you to 9 of the most popular Joomla template frameworks with the hope that you will get a general view about them easily.

Let’s start with …

What is a Joomla template framework?

It is a base skeleton template to build Joomla templates with. It means a clean, blank HTML/CSS skeleton with no colors, no gradients, no borders; just dimensions, margins, menu system styling and so on. Yes, all possible elements to express your coding knowledge and design talent.

Now, you can explore available Joomla template frameworks.

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Joomla SaaS – A Good Start for Joomla Newbie

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Joomla Newbie, I’m sure you are going to ask “What the hell is SaaS? Why is it a good start for me?” And I assure that you will be interested in the things I’m about to say, just as many of my clients were before.

SaaS is short for Software as a Service, sometimes referred to as “on-demand software”. That means the software is distributed as a service by some vendor or company over the Internet. To put it simply, service providers will create and maintain the software for you when you hire them.

So what is Joomla SaaS?

Joomla - proudly known as an award-winning content management system - is a kind of software used to build websites. We call it Joomla SaaS.

There are Joomla service providers willing to take care of your Joomla! based websites from A to Z. For instance: and These two providers are well-known in the Joomla service market. Apart from CloudAccess and SimplWeb, you can find some other Joomla SaaS providers on the Internet such as

Let me clarify a little bit about them for you.



CloudAccess is the official host of the Joomla! Demo site. Users can take the opportunity to experience Joomla on their network with free hosting provided by CloudAccess for 30 days. If you want to test your new website or simply learn more about Joomla, get access to the Joomla! Demo site and make use of CloudAccess's benefits.

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