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New interface – New experience: Discover JoomlaShine's new website and Join our GAME

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JoomlaShine website has got a new interface. You are wondering why the new design is for you, right? Based on a customer survey and deep UX research, we redesigned all the important pages to make sure you can have a better experience at the JoomlaShine website. Let’s discover our new website and join an interesting GAME.

Announcement on days off on Lunar New Year holidays of year 2015

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JoomlaShine would like to inform you that we have 8 days off for our Lunar New Year Holiday from 16th February to 23rd February 2015.

JSN Time – Special Template of 2015 for News and Magazine Websites

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Let’s welcome the first template of 2015 – JSN Time. It has been incubated since the beginning of the year to be launched right before the Lunar New Year – our traditional New Year’s Eve.

Thanks for bringing JSN PowerAdmin to the top of Joomla Extension Directory

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Hooray, just got great news today: JSN PowerAdmin is at the top of the Administration category on Joomla Extension Directory. That’s amazing.  

The newest version, JSN PowerAdmin v2.2.1 was just released a few days ago, with support for one more new plugin: Zoo of Yootheme.  Have you updated it? Do you want to improve anything or do you want to add a new feature? Leave us a comment below.

The Unique FREE Online Course - Build and Manage Joomla pages effectively

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Have you had any problems with building and managing a Joomla website? Even if you encountered no problems, do you want to work more efficiently? JoomlaShine would like to give you a FREE Online Course, which is open to everyone who appreciates their time and effort, especially in working with Joomla.