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Customize Joomla Extensions With Override

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We all know that Joomla is a fantastic CMS for building professional websites. The JED (Joomla Extension Directory) is full of components, modules and plugins that can add almost any type of functionality to any Joomla site. That's great and all but what if you find a component or module that gives the functionality needed but the output and layout is not exactly what you want? A big mistake that some developers and webmasters make is going in and editing the core code of an extension. Joomla makes it easy by allowing overrides.

What is an Override?

An override is a copy of an extensions layout/template file that is placed in your Joomla template directory. You can then customize it to your liking. The difference with doing this as oppose to just editing the file in the extension directory is that when you upgrade Joomla or the extension, your changes will not be replaced with the new versions. Joomla knows to look in the overridden file first, then the actual extensions file.

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Joomla Optimization: Consider Deploying a CDN

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Page loading times on your website are important for a number of reasons. Not only can slow pages frustrate visitors and cost you conversions, but the search engines also take an interest in your page loading times, meaning slow-loading pages can affect your SEO. If you have a website running on Joomla, one option you might want to consider to improve your page loading times is to deploy a Content Delivery Network (CDN).

What is a CDN?

A CDN consists of a number of optimized servers located all over the world. These servers work together to distribute content, which includes downloadable objects, JavaScript files, applications and more. The basic principle is that when someone visits your website, their data comes from the server that is located nearest to them, significantly increasingly page load times wherever they are located in the world.

Why Use One?

There are a number of reasons why using a CDN for your Joomla website is a good idea. Faster page load times is the main reason to invest in a good CDN. When customers visit a website that performs badly and the pages take a long time to load, at best they will hit the back button and head to one of your competitors’ websites; at worse you could damage the reputation of your brand.

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How to enable cURL extension in PHP?

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Note: This guide is for those who have FULL access to the server, when system configuration can be changed. If you are using shared hosting, please contact your hosting provider.

Step 1: Check whether cURL extension is installed/enabled or not

Within the Joomla administration area, you can view “php.ini” configurations by navigating to Site > System Information and selecting the tab “PHP Information”.

Checking PHP Info right from Joomla

At this point, search for the keyword “curl” and if it does not appear on the page, the extension might not be installed/enabled. Please proceed to the next step.

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Start building your business website with Joomla 2.5 - Why not?

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One day, my friend said to me "Hey buddy, I need to build a business website with Joomla but I don't know what exactly to do, help me!". Luckily I'm a big fan of Joomla and have experience in building website and felt that I could help my friend.

I did not want to rely on just my personal experience, so I researched about building a business website and found many tips to set up a basic, good business website on the Joomla platform. I concentrated on Joomla 2.5 in particular and when I told her I found a lot of information she looked happy. Maybe you are in the same situation? If so, I decided to share my research with you on blog. There are only a few steps in this article and I hope you will succeed in building a Jooma business website by yourself.

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Ten Most Popular Marketplaces for Freelancers

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The freelance marketplace is the great place where the companies can outsource the project for an affordable cost. It gives good opportunities to the developers from developing countries to make a little bit cash in Internet. For the past decade, we have seen in live a significant growth in outsourcing marketplaces with talented people in charge and robust platform.

In this article, I'd like to share with you ten of the most reliable freelance marketplaces suggested by experienced freelancers over the world.

The websites are arranged in top-down priority. For each source, I will provide you with the website link and a short introduction for general comprehension.

I recommend you get access right to the links for a practical look on these sites.

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