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JSN Venture template for your pulse party! Special sale for the bundle with Ohanah extension

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JSN Venture template rocks with its party spirit. The flat design and vibrant color schemes can convey the high-quality tone and vibrant atmosphere the guests will enjoy as they drink, dance and laugh. You can also keep them updated with upcoming events using Ohanah extended styles – The professional extension to manage events. Just make your evenings unforgettable!

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JSN Yoyo – our first one-page template is on hand!

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JSN Yoyo – Our first one-page template - has just been released, finally.

With a simple and flawless design, it will make your portfolio stand out. With all content fitting into one page, it will take your visitors to the corresponding sections they want without effort. Just click and go, to get a delightful experience with JSN Yoyo!

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A sneak peek at JSN Yoyo - a superb flexible one-page template

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For someone who wants to build an exceptional online portfolio, our upcoming Joomla one-page template – JSN Yoyo - could be your genius solution. Just compile all of the necessary content in only one single page with dynamic scrolling animations, and tell your own story in your own style.

Here are some sneak previews:

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[Released] JSN Ares – A template for your masterful portfolio website.

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Dear creative folks,

Your portfolio can be a masterpiece itself with JSN Ares - the latest template from JoomlaShine. It has an attractive looking, clean-cut layout and easy-to-follow navigation that enables you to showcase your valuable work with your own personality, while serving as a promotional channel to gain more exposure for your business.

It is hassle-free to build a portfolio website with JSN Ares!

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Joomla mobile templates from Joomlashine – What do they look like?

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If mobile support is in your criteria checklist for choosing a Joomla template, continue to read this article. All Joomlashine templates are ready for your mobile devices. And I am going to show you how nice your Joomla website mobile looks on iPhone, Android, and iPad with JSN Epic.

Please note that both versions for Joomla 1.5 and Joomla 1.7/2.5 of JSN Epic support mobile. And it is as the same as other templates - JSN Dome, JSN Tendo and JSN Teki.

JSN Epic on iPhone and Android

The built-in mobile design has a neat layout with 8 module positions. Besides this, its menu and HTML overrides are optimized to make sure that your website is presented effectively and nicely. Moreover, it is compact and lightweight so your website visitors can surf your website fast.

JSN Epic on iPhone and Android

JSN Epic on iPhone and Android

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