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JSN Template Framework 2 - More ability to customize JoomlaShine templates quickly!

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In order to give you a template framework that helps you to customize our Joomla templates more easily and quickly, JSN Template Framework version 2 has been released. Our developers worked hard to apply it to all JoomlaShine templates. Now you have more options to modify JoomlaShine templates in the Joomla back-end without touching the CSS files too much. Is that great news to you?

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JSN Template Framework - Things behind the scenes

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Joomla folks say that Joomla framework is not new terminology. But hey, JSN Template Framework? It sounds strange… even though it has been developed for countless hours by Joomlashine’s developers, almost all information about this framework has been kept quiet until now - now that it is rock solid, running smoothly and inspiringly.

Please distinguish between our JSN Template framework and other products: While almost all other Joomla frameworks allow you to build Joomla templates, JSN Template Framework encourages you to customize Joomlashine’s templates better.

Still confused? Below is an in-depth look at what is inside JSN Template Framework.

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6 more Joomla! Template Framework solutions for developers

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Have you ever read our hottest blog post "9 Joomla! Template framework solutions for developers"? It's amazing, right? Do you want to know more? Let's get started with the part 2! New Joomla! template frameworks are waiting for you to explore!

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9 Joomla!-Template-Frameworks für Entwickler

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Joomla!-Template-Frameworks für Entwickler

Joomla!-Template-Frameworks für Entwickler

Aufgrund den schon vorhandenen Designs überzeugen Joomla!-Templates viele Joomla!-Einsteiger wenn es darum geht, möglichst schnell Webseiten zu erstellen. Der Joomla!-Entwickler bevorzugt jedoch sogenannte Joomla!- Template-Frameworks und liebt die ständige Herausforderung der Anpassungsarbeit, da er nur auf diese Weise erstrebenswerte Resultate erzielen kann, was sich dementsprechend auch in der Einzigartigkeit seiner Webseite widerspiegelt.

Im Folgenden werden wir Ihnen 9 der beliebtesten Joomla!-Template-Frameworks vorstellen.

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9 Joomla Template frameworks

Joomla Template frameworks for developers

Joomla templates satisfy many Joomla! beginners with designs available to create websites quickly. However, Joomla developers prefer Joomla template frameworks. They love the challenge of customization work, to get worthwhile results – their unique websites.

There are just a few template frameworks in the Joomla market. In this article, I will introduce you to 9 of the most popular Joomla template frameworks with the hope that you will get a general view about them easily.

Let’s start with …

What is a Joomla template framework?

It is a base skeleton template to build Joomla templates with. It means a clean, blank HTML/CSS skeleton with no colors, no gradients, no borders; just dimensions, margins, menu system styling and so on. Yes, all possible elements to express your coding knowledge and design talent.

Now, you can explore available Joomla template frameworks.

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