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[Released] JSN Ares – A template for your masterful portfolio website.

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Dear creative folks,

Your portfolio can be a masterpiece itself with JSN Ares - the latest template from JoomlaShine. It has an attractive looking, clean-cut layout and easy-to-follow navigation that enables you to showcase your valuable work with your own personality, while serving as a promotional channel to gain more exposure for your business.

It is hassle-free to build a portfolio website with JSN Ares!

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[Released] JSN Sky template with the Jomres booking system. Your holiday is here.

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JSN Sky template

Summer is in the air. Hello beaches and fun.

We crafted JSN Sky template first and now we’re ready for a holiday. What about you? Enjoy our newly released JSN Sky template before taking a holiday, or vice versa?

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All JoomlaShine products are now compatible with Joomla! 3.1.1 - check it out!

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Recently, the Joomla! Project has announced the release of Joomla 3.1.1 with some new features and improvements. As usual, we at JoomlaShine always keep our products compatible with all current Joomla versions. So I am writing this blog to announce that all JoomlaShine templates and extensions are compatible with Joomla 3.1.1 too.

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6 more Joomla! Template Framework solutions for developers

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Have you ever read our hottest blog post "9 Joomla! Template framework solutions for developers"? It's amazing, right? Do you want to know more? Let's get started with the part 2! New Joomla! template frameworks are waiting for you to explore!

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Released JSN Nuru - A great choice for your shopping website with MijoShop extended style!

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JSN Nuru

It's our honor to introduce you to JSN Nuru - a new Joomla template inspired by the need for a fashion style with a neat, eye-catching and straightforward design. If you are a fan of a powerful shopping-cart extension, then we would like to present JSN Nuru with MijoShop extended style. Youthful, lively and color-addicted, JSN Nuru would be a pretty choice for any fashion, shopping or wedding website. Along with JSN Nuru, we will also give you an extra 6-month subscription when you buy ANY JSN Template PRO UNLIMITED and ANY JSN Extension PRO UNLIMITED (known as UNLIMITED Bundle in our discount policy). More information will be revealed at the end of this blog.

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