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9 Joomla Template frameworks

Joomla Template frameworks for developers

Joomla templates satisfy many Joomla! beginners with designs available to create websites quickly. However, Joomla developers prefer Joomla template frameworks. They love the challenge of customization work, to get worthwhile results – their unique websites.

There are just a few template frameworks in the Joomla market. In this article, I will introduce you to 9 of the most popular Joomla template frameworks with the hope that you will get a general view about them easily.

Let’s start with …

What is a Joomla template framework?

It is a base skeleton template to build Joomla templates with. It means a clean, blank HTML/CSS skeleton with no colors, no gradients, no borders; just dimensions, margins, menu system styling and so on. Yes, all possible elements to express your coding knowledge and design talent.

Now, you can explore available Joomla template frameworks.

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Product Version View - A convenient tool for compare Joomla templates

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Illustration of Product Version View with the detail comparison feature

Illustration of Product Version View with the detail comparison feature

You've used Joomla templates from JoomlaShine for your website and upgraded to a new version many times. However, have you ever wondered what has changed in the recent installation package? Alternatively, you worry that there's something that conflicts with customizations you have made. If you have, then here you are! We have released a special feature - Product Version View that can help you check the detailed modifications made to each template version. With this tool, you can maintain or customize your template code easily, right now.

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Joomla templates customization with Firebug addon

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If you are the web developer and working with Joomla templates, it is likely that you know a lot about Firebug. For would-be or non web developers, the word Firebug might sound familiar to you even though you have never used it before.

Till now, this plugin has been a widely-used web development tool thanks to its outstanding features in joomla templates customization. Not only web developers but also other people can find the addon helpful for building a simple and stable website.

In this post, I will clarify what Firebug is and how it is helping thousands of web developers around the world and even non tech folks archive the best results in their work.

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