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JPeople is the biggest portal for Joomla! users. You can experience social networking with Joomla and meet Joomla! users around the world. Being a member, you can:

  • Keep up-to-date with the Joomla! world
  • Be involved in Joomla! events
  • Get advice from Joomla! experts
  • Be friends with a lot of Joomla! users
  • Join or create Joomla! groups

And so on.

It's helpful and easy to explore. Let's try!

Joomla! User Groups

Joomla! User Groups

Local Joomla User Groups contain various groups of Joomla! users in different countries. The groups are created and managed by users themselves. It is easy for you to locate a Joomla Group in your area, or you can start your own group in your location. People in a group usually meet up every month to discuss Joomla! issues and make a contribution to the Joomla! project.

User groups are categorized according to different regions such as: Africa, Asia, Caribbean, Europe, Middle East, North America, South America and Central America.

Joomla! Community Magazine

Joomla! Community Magazine

Joomla Community Magazine (JCM) has attracted many authors writing about Joomla!. You will find useful reviews, resources and news on JCM in each issue every month. You can also contribute articles to the magazine. Articles are not necessarily a deep analysis about technical problems but often simple collections of things such as Joomla! templates and Joomla! extensions.

Every issue contains certain sections like Editors' Introduction, Feature Stories, Website Case Studies, Designer Studio, and so on.

Joomla Community Showcase

Joomla Community Showcase

Joomla Community Showcase is the place where Joomla developers show off their works. There are thousands of websites on different topics submitted every month. The sites which are accepted will be publicly evaluated by other users in the Joomla Community through votes, ratings and reviews. Joomla Community Showcase is considered a valuable source of Joomla templates for everyone.

European Joomla Community

European Joomla Community

The European Joomla Community was founded by the Dutch Joomla community and written in the Dutch language. This is the place for Joomla latest news, translated documents and a forum. All versions of translated Joomla packages or documentation in Dutch are available on the website. You can easily get access to download them.

Dutch Joomla Community


This is another portal of the Dutch Joomla Community, which provides full downloads, including core packages of different Joomla versions, Joomla extensions and Joomla templates associated with the corresponding Dutch language packages. It allows you to suggest language packages for particular extensions as well. You can also read the latest Joomla news and watch video tutorials there, both of which are updated frequently. Moreover, joining the active forum brings you a lot of benefits. The forum is the place for the Dutch Joomla community to discuss and share useful information.

The German Joomla Community

The German Joomla Community, a Joomla fans in Germany, is one of my favourite places for Joomla resources. The website provides a number of good Joomla templates and extensions free of charge. Another interesting thing is the Joomla FAQ where you can quickly get a response for whatever question you put on the site.

For those who want to find a paid job related to Joomla CMS, Joomla Jobs will be useful for you. Bidding for projects on this site is like any other freelancers' market-place, just find a suitable job and show the contractors your capabilities.

Italian Joomla Community

Italian Joomla Community

The Italian Joomla Community belongs to Italian volunteers who work on Joomla translations and documentation. It has a quite lively forum, where people come to discuss and get help from others. Italian Joomla users can also download free translated extensions and templates from this page.

My impression of the site is that it has a lot of practical activities for all members to get involved in. If you love Joomla and want to contribute to the growth of the community, you have many chances to make it true by becoming a voluntary translator, uploading your own Joomla templates or extensions and sending a story. You can find a lot more when you become a member. Don't forget to visit the forum every day to keep yourself in touch with other members.

French Joomla Community

French Joomla Community

The portal was founded by the French Joomla Community, and is written in French. Like other community sites, the French community provides local users with translated material such as documentation, extensions and templates. This site contains a good Joomla knowledge base which you can make use of.

One of the most appealing things is the section Joomla Day, held in France, which includes lots of information about this big event. You should not miss the event.

In conclusion

Besides Joomla Community websites around the world, there are a lot of Joomla Social Groups on Social Media pages.

I have introduced you some well-known Joomla Community Websites. Becoming a member means you can learn a lot from other members and make contributions to the development of the whole group. Take a look and share with me your opinions about being a part of such vibrant communities.

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  • Marco Poet
    Marco Poet Saturday, 08 October 2011

    It's Looking so nice :)

  • huyennt
    huyennt Sunday, 09 October 2011

    @sazirul:Thank you! Which Joomla! community you are participating in?

    Currently, we join Joomla! Community Magazine, The German Joomla! Community, French Joomla! Community and so on.

  • Marco Poet
    Marco Poet Tuesday, 20 December 2011

    It's great information. Thanks for posting.

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  • huyennt
    huyennt Wednesday, 21 December 2011

    Thank you for your interest, Joomla Web Developers!

  • Marco Poet
    Marco Poet Tuesday, 05 June 2012

    Please note: is gone!

    The team of that site has launched a new Dutch Joomla-forum at:

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  • huyennt
    huyennt Wednesday, 06 June 2012

    Thanks Wouter,

    We are going to update the new Dutch Joomla-forum soon.

  • huyennt
    huyennt Wednesday, 27 June 2012

    Hi Wouter,

    Please check the updated Dutch Joomla Community. If you have more suggestions, please let me know :)

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