Acknowledgement toTranslators


We would like to say thanks to our dear volunteer translators who have helped us a lot in translating JoomlaShine templates, extensions, product's manual and the book Joomla 2.5/3.x Made Easy.

Brazilian Portuguese Brazilian Portuguese [pt-BR]

  • Erison

Danish Danish [da-DK]

  • Keld Hukiær Jensen

Dutch Dutch [nl-NL]

  • Alfred Grupstra
  • Bert van Diepen

French French [fr-FR]

  • Eric Mesere
  • Jean Luc
  • Valéry VALENS
  • Olivier Bragoni
  • Anghjulina Colombani

German German [de-DE]

  • Christian Deerberg
  • Uli Geyer
  • Niko Winckel
  • Lukas
  • Eddy
  • Alexandra
  • Alexander
  • Vlado Repic

Greek Greek [el-GR]

  • Manos Paschalakis

Hungarian Hungarian [hu-HU]

  • Kiss

Hebrew Hebrew [he-IL]

  • Gamy Shilo

Italian Italian [it-IT]

  • Flavio Nucci
  • Antoni

Japanese Japanese [ja-JP]

  • Ichiro Nagata
  • Norito Yoshida

Lithuanian Lithuanian [lt-LT]

  • Sigitas Petrauskas

Persian Persian [fa-IR]

  • Mohammad Arif

Portuguese Portuguese [pt-PT]

  • André Dantas da Silva

Russian Russian [ru-RU]

  • Valeriy
  • Vaganov Sergei
  • Olivier Bragoni
  • Anghjulina Colombani
  • Sigitas Petrauskas

Spanish Spanish [es-ES]

  • Florencia Coppola
  • Martin
  • German Madinabeitia
  • Sergio Rocha
  • Rafael Santana
  • Gamy Shilo
  • Eliza Israel
  • Alfonso Valiente
  • Claudio Alejandro López

Turkish Turkish [tr-TR]

  • Kaya Zeren

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As the number of products and other useful content are rising day-by-day, we would like to call for more translators to help us as well as help other users in your own lingual communities to get better experience. If you love JoomlaShine's products and interested in translating these ones, don't hesitate to join JSN Translation Team and get a number of PRO UNLIMITED Edition of Templates or Extensions as our reward for your effort. So now, what are you waiting for?

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