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How to use JSN UniForm in real life?

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JSN UniForm was released a year ago. In this time, it has been updated with continuous enhancements to fulfill its mission of helping Joomla! users create forms with maximum ease and joy. Have you utilized all of its cool features for your forms?

Let’s check how smart JSN UniForm users use these features in real life and how you can apply them to your forms:

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Crazy Egg - Understanding your customer better

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Nowadays, along with the development of the Internet and websites, people always care about how to improve effectiveness in their website operation. They want it to be customized so that it is not only beautiful looking but also attractive to visitors. Crazy Egg is a tool to help you understanding better your customers’ behavior, and from that, you can improve your business. Please keep reading to see what benefits I found in Crazy Egg.

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Nice JoomlaShine templates customization with popular Joomla extensions (part 2)

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If you have been a JoomlaShine customer for a certain time, you might know that we have developed JSN templates with extended styles to support you in working with the most popular extensions in Joomla world, covering a lot of different kinds, such as forum - Kunena, community - JomSocial, blog - EasyBlog/K2, e-commerce - MijoShop/ VirtueMart, booking - Jomres, and so on.

In this article, we have collected some highlighted showcases from customers to show how successfully they did this with JSN templates and 3rd party extensions. FYI, you can take a look at nice JoomlaShine template customization with popular Jomla extensions here.

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[Infographic] Discover how JSN PowerAdmin rocks Joomla! world

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Very often that we heard complaint from users about how difficult it was to do simple tasks in Joomla! such as changing module positions, hiding an article's title or relocating the menu items. Therefore, we decided to take a deep research at how people were using Joomla and the possibility of the solution that would satisfy most Joomla! users. As a result, JSN PowerAdmin was born.

JSN PowerAdmin was built with one single goal in mind: to make Joomla easy and joyful to use. What we wanted to do was to contribute to a wonderful Joomla CMS and expressed our vision about the Joomla administration interface.

Immediately, JSN PowerAdmin had rocked the Joomla! community with because it was dead-easy to use and had incredible functions. Look at the infographic below to see what JSN PowerAdmin brings to the users and how the users love JSN PowerAdmin. (Click on the image for the full size)

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Update JSN ImageShow to version 4.4.1 and enjoy new amazing features

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JSN ImageShow version 4.4.1 has been released with a lot of new enhancements; did you get this news? If you have updated yours and can see the new things, you might be looking at our blog to help you understand more about this new version, I guess!

Let's scroll down!

New Highlight Features

  • A new JavaScript skin for ThemeClassic
  • Responsive layout
  • Other enhancements (Added JSN Framework, change in Facebook mechanism, etc.)

JavaScript skin for ThemeClassic – more options for mobiles

New skin for ThemeClassic | JSN ImageShow 4.4.1

JavaScript and Flash are 2 new themes for Theme Classic

This feature is applied to the Theme Classic of JSN ImageShow. As before, Theme Classic used Flash skin, so it does not display your images well on mobile devices. Because of this we have developed this theme by applying 1 more skin using JavaScript. This new skin provides you with similar transition effects to the Flash skin; however, there are fewer options.

Please note that, besides Theme Classic with a JavaScript skin, you can display your image gallery well on mobile devices with Theme Slider and Theme Grid.

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