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When you want to learn anything, the first important thing that you need is to have a good book. You can go to a book store to find one, or search for an e-book on the Internet. In addition, there is another resource where you can get so much useful information- a well-known blog. Learning Joomla is not the only one. There are many Joomla blogs to support the user. One of the most useful Joomla blogs in my opinion is “joomlablogger.net”. Unlike a book, the joomlablogger.net website is always being updated with new and interesting information. You can take its most popular blog posts as your lessons for your learning all about Joomla. Well, let’s start now!

About joomlablogger.net

First of all, I would like to introduce you to this website and its administrator. This website is built for Joomla users who are at any level of Joomla use. The administrator is Kristoffer Sandven and he has worked as a professional Search Engine Optimizer (SEO) and a Joomla consultant. He has undertaken the work of Joomla blogging and run this site since 2009. For more details, you can look here. This website is a large resource of Joomla knowledge and you can learn about Joomla via the Joomla articles in the categories “Joomla tutorials”, “Joomla tips” and get the latest Joomla news updates in the category “Joomla News”. Moreover, the administrator also gives you a quick look at Joomla templates, Joomla extensions and services. In addition, because this is an open blog, you can feel free to express your ideas as well as suggest topics. Even if you just want to advertise on this site, you can do it, because this blog is visited by thousand of Joomla users from 126 countries, so it has great potential!

The website “joomlablogger.net”

The most popular Joomla blog posts

In each category, you can easily find the most popular blog posts because they are in red. It’s very convenient for the user to read the hottest Joomla articles which are of interest to many other users. Now, I bring you the most popular blog posts in this website.

1. 8 free Firefox extensions Joomla users should use

This article is in the category “Joomla tips” with over 10000 views. This is a good recommendation for the other Joomla users. The blogger chose the best free extensions in his opinion and recommended them to everyone. They will help you a lot in your daily work with Joomla. So, don’t wait if you want to know what the 8 free Firefox extensions are.

joomlablogger: Free Firefox extensions for Joomla
8 free Firefox extensions

2. How to use canonical links with Joomla to avoid duplicate content

Do you ever have problems with Google? Do you feel annoyed when there are always websites with duplicate entries whenever you search for something? Someday, this status may happen to your site. So, what will you do? Well, this post will help you to solve this problem. In my opinion, expanding your website’s popularity is very important. If you didn’t know how to do it with your website yet, just follow the instructions and you yourself can make it works. You can find it in the sub category “SEO tips” in the category “Joomla tips”.

joomlablogger: Canonical links with Joomla
Canonical links and Joomla

3. Secure your Joomla installation

Keeping your site from being hacked is always your mission, so this is an extremely useful article for you to read. Remember that you have to keep your Joomla sites updated (always the latest version), plus there are several other actions which you could and should take to avoid being hacked. These are quite small but greatly effective tips to protect your site.

joomlablogger: Secure Joomla installation
Secure your Joomla installation

4. How to verify your Joomla site in Google webmaster tools

This article is about Joomla SEO with “Google webmaster tools”. “Google webmaster tools” is a very useful set of tools for you to support your own site’s development. Because there are many people who get difficulties when working with this tool, so in this post, Kristoffer Sandven shows you three ways to verify your Joomla site in Google webmaster tools. These methods are very easy and simple to follow. In my opinion, they are essential enough for you to pay attention to.

joomlablogger: Verify Joomla site in Google webmaster tools
Verify your Joomla site in Google Webmaster Tools

5. Show off your Facebook following in Joomla

For many people, using Facebook everyday is a habit. Like many other websites, “joomlablogger.net” for example, you might also want to create a fan page of your website on Facebook. How can you do that? You will need to set up a Facebook fan page and put up a Facebook Fan Box on your site. Consequently, this blog shows you how to do that in three different ways. I think this is a very good article because it brings you a lot of great benefits.

joomlablogger: Show Facebook following in Joomla
Show your Facebook following

6. Ultimate Joomla template and extension provider list

This is an amazing post which I like most. In this article, you will collect a lot of useful information associated with the blogger’s evaluation about the various providers. This is a quite large resource of Joomla templates and extensions. It’s good for you to refer to, and choose the best one for yourself. In this post, you'll find a large listing of Joomla template and extension providers, and directories of the same. You'll find both commercial and free templates and extensions. How exciting it is!

joomlablogger: Joomla template and extension providers
Templates for Joomla

7. Joomla CSS for Beginners

Maybe you have heard about CSS a thousand times before but you know what, you do not really know what it is and how it can help you in creating your Joomla site. People can use the template which they like best for their website. However, it does not always make you completely satisfied. You may want to create something in your own style, such as fonts, colors, margins, background images etc. It is the right time for “CSS” (Cascading Style Sheet). “CSS” is a useful tool for you to edit your site. Let Kristoffer Sandven give you an overview on how to use CSS in your Joomla site in this post. Then, you can do it yourself. It deserves for you to spend time on.

joomlablogger: Joomla CSS for beginners
Joomla CSS for beginners

8. Free yourself with Joomla template overrides

So many Joomla users become confused when they work with a Joomla template. Sometimes, they want to alter the core files to fit their certain needs but they don’t know how to do this. Imagine that someday you know the way to customize the output from Joomla components, modules and plug-ins, by applying something called template overrides. Are you curious to know how it works? I guarantee that you will get a lot of valuable information from the instructions and the examples shown in this post! However, I want to warn you that it’s fairly complex and not easy to follow. That’s the reason you need to read it slowly and carefully!

joomlablogger: Joomla template overrides
Free yourself with template overrides

9. 9 awesome free Joomla template

You want your site to be more beautiful, so you search for a suitable template on the Internet. For some reasons, you want to use a free template. However, you recognize that a lot of them are not as good as they are advertised. Now, how do you feel if I give you a post in which you will find what you really want? Well, this post is about nine awesome free Joomla templates. When I saw this article, I felt very grateful to the author. I love templates so much and I always want to work with well-designed templates. I have to emphasize again that these templates are “awesome” and “free”. All of them are made for Joomla 1.5. In this article, the blogger provides you a comparison chart with certain specifications for these nine free templates. All of these nine are shown in detail with the clear descriptions, features and the links to download. It’s useful for you, right?

joomlablogger: Free Joomla templates
9 awesome free Joomla template

10. Six steps to get your Joomla indexed in Google

When you have a brand new site, you always want everyone who uses Google to search for something related to your site to be able to find your site immediately. There are several things you can do to ensure that Google and other search engines are picking up your pages. This post shows you six steps to get your site indexed by Google and other search engines. Although SEO is an attractive business, it’s not easy. You have to pay a lot of attention to the six steps mentioned here. Just read and practice them step by step. There is a lot of useful information here, so it will pay to read it carefully. Honestly, you simply can’t miss this useful blog!

joomlablogger: Get your Joomla indexed in Google
Get your Joomla site indexed in Google

11. 10 things to know about Joomla and the iPad

Your Joomla website ran well on your PC or your laptop, right? How about the iPad? Do you want to know how to run your site smoothly on the iPad? If the answer is “Yes”, this is a useful article for you to get the answer!

joomlablogger: Joomla and iPad
10 things to know about Joomla and iPad

12. Remove functions in the Joomla frontend editor

This blog post shows you the way to restrict access to some of the features in the front-end editing. You need it when you don’t want your local editors to able to publish articles to the front page for example. This action will impact on all users without administrator privileges. Before getting started with this post, I recommend that you should read the eighth blog post which is mentioned above about template overrides. With clear images and instructions, it is concise and easy enough for you to learn. It’s very useful if you intend to do this for your own website!

joomlablogger: Remove Joomla functions from the fronted editor
Customize the Joomla front end editor

In my opinion, “joomlablogger.net” is a wonderful Joomla blog for you to get useful information and share it with other Joomla bloggers. No matter whether you are beginner or not; you also need to update your knowledge day by day. You will learn so many lessons, tutorials, and tips to guarantee the stability and safety of your Joomla site’s operation as well as make it better and more professional. Get involved with it now! Because you not only receive free valuable information in different Joomla topics but also are free to ask about your problems or suggest a topic you want to explore. I hope that you will be satisfied!

How do you feel about this blog? Is this useful for you? Please share your feelings and comments with everyone!

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