JSN PageBuilder 2

Powerful Joomla! Page Builder extension

Composing Joomla pages is only a matter of creativity with JSN PageBuilder 2, an outstanding Joomla page builder from JoomlaShine. The powerful visual composer extension helps to build complex web content easily without worry. Most of the jobs will be done by a mouse in minutes with no cost for programming. All features are intuitive and flexible, that allows users to see what they’ll get.

  • Updated date: 20.07.2017
  • Lastest Verison: 1.4.2

Outstanding features

Revolutionary UX Revolutionary UX

Revolutionary UX

The tool is easy to use with all elements setting are arranged in smart inspector panel for convenient control. Save time and efforts by using only a mouse to do almost things

Powerful Elements Powerful Elements

Powerful Elements

JSN PageBuilder contains rich building blocks, which are groups of elements to build virtually any kind of pages including “Company profile”, “Product details”, “Portfolio”, etc

Use Anywhere Use Anywhere

Use Anywhere

Whenever you can use TinyMCE, you can use JSN PageBuilder, it means visual editing can be displayed right in article editing screen. And the article can be edited directly on front-end

Joomla Content Joomla Content

Joomla Content

The pages can present content from database like Joomla articles, modules and 3-rd party extensions, combine with static content such as text or video, image, video background

More features

Visual Editing

Visual Editing

JSN PageBuilder helps you to start easily by drag and drop manipulation. The editing is not only for articles, but also modules and 3-rd party extensions
Joomla Integrated

Joomla Integrated

The tool works with all popular Joomla template frameworks, preserving all power of Joomla template and extensions installed on current website
Rich Content Element

Rich Content Element

37 powerful elements are shipped for you to build virtually all kind of pages. Full package of elements contains JModule, Gallery, Menu, GMap, etc
Front End Editing

Front End Editing

You are able to edit your article directly on front-end with native Joomla front-end editing mechanism, just login with appropriate access permission
Flexible Module Positions

Flexible Module Positions

Simply create a module by dragging JModule element to the appropriate position of the Page Content and assign the created module into the position
Convenient Media Selector

Convenient Media Selector

The feature allows the media selector interface to be displayed without using the Joomla interface, which helps to manage the media by one click
On-page Optimization

On-page Optimization

JSN PageBuilder also take care of optimization for Search Engine, the tool allows you to add heading for any text on pages by Heading element
Start Easily With Support

Start Easily With Support

You can start with our video tutorials on YouTube, professional support and documentation package are available for all JoomlaShine customer
Run a blog and articles website. I used to dread to click on the default Add Menu, Add Article, Assign Module, because it's so time-consuming. This one seriously saves your time. All the functions are there in one single page, pretty self-explanatory. Simple and straightforward. The ability to Add/... More

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If for any reason, you are not satisfied with your purchased products, we will refund full amount, no questions asked.

You will have 30 days to try out the product and make sure that it fits your needs.


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Presale F.A.Q

How and when can I download the product after purchase?

After the payment process you can instantly download the product from the Customer Area section.
In addition, we will send you an email receipt with all order and download information, so you can check back any time in the future.

Does your PRO template include PRO extensions?

No, extension PRO editions are not included in PRO template package.
If you want to use PRO editions of our extensions, you have to buy them. To help you save money, we have many JoomlaShine bundles with 25% discount.

What happens after my order expires?

Once your subscription expires, you will not be able to download, get updates or create new posts to get technical support in PRO box on our Forum. Please renew and get discount up to 40%.

What kind of support do you offer?

We provide support through:

  • Forum Support: : For all customers, both Free and PRO Edition Owners.
  • Live chat: For pre-sale related questions.

Support time: Monday-Friday // 8:00 - 17h30 (GMT+7)

Can I modify the source code of product?

Yes, you are authorized to make any modifications to achieve your desired intention. All code are open for modification if you need.

What payment methods are supported?

We accept Paypal and major Credit Cards (Visa, Master Card, JCB), Western Union or bank wire transfer.
Credit card payment transaction will be taken care of by our trusted partners 2Checkout. They are truly professional with a very secure and reliable system. With bank wire transfer method, please contact us then our supporters will instruct you what to do.

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