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JoomlaShine is a team of full–time professionals including passionate web developers, talented designers, and helpful support staff. We focus on the products quality, which can be clearly seen in our design, functionality and usability. Our solutions are designed primarily for the Joomla Content Management System. Actively participating in Joomla forums, our staff are making a positive contribution to the community. Additionally, we share our knowledge and skills through various Joomla tutorials which many of our users find our them a good point to start learning about Joomla.



June 4

Partnership with Jomres

JoomlaShine created a refined template for hotel or rental website with a style exclusively for Jomres - the powerful hotel-booking component: JSN Sky

JSN PowerAdmin is featured at JAB 2013

JSN PowerAdmin was presented at JAB2013 by Maurice Lehr. Maurice is always looking for tools to make his work as easy and pleasant as possible. He found JSN PowerAdmin and was happy to give a presentation about it.

June 2
May 14

Partnership with MijoShop

Released JSN Nuru - A great choice for your shopping website with MijoShop extended style! Youthful, lively and colorful, JSN Nuru would be a good choice for any fashion, shopping or wedding website.

JSN PowerAdmin is featured in Joomla! Day France 2013

JSN PowerAdmin was presented by Eric Mesere on the second day of Joomla! Day France. People found the extension very helpful.

March 24

JSN PowerAdmin is featured on Joomla! Day Melbourne

JoomlaShine sponsored this event and the JoomlaShine team also contributed to the Joomla conference with an interesting speech about “Making Joomla Administration Easy”. This topic was very interesting to all Joomla users; the professional and newbie user alike.

JoomlaShine sponsors Joomla Days around the world

A small contribution for a stronger Joomla! Community. JoomlaShine have sponsored Joomla Day India, Joomla Day Boston, Joomla Day England, Joomla Day Germany, Joomla Day Italy and Joomla and Beyond 2013 … more are coming

January 19
January 8

Release of JSN Template Framework

It is a skeleton template to build JoomlaShine templates with. Module positions are divided suitably, crisply and cleanly. You can set and save parameters in the blink of an eye; and the customized website loads quickly.


Release of JSN Boot Free

JSN Boot is a totally free Joomla! template that brings a beautiful display to a wide range of devices with its responsive layout. It also includes all the advanced features found in the professional edition of other templates.

December 10

Launch of JSN Templates Developer Package

Get the PRO UNLIMITED edition of all current and future templates for an insanely low price (a value of $1200 for just $199). This is a great opportunity to get HUGE value and save BIG money.

Partnership with JomSocial

JoomlaShine release a first stunning template that is fully compatible with JomSocial: JSN Neon.This is truly an incredible combination. With extended style for JomSocial, you can your own beautiful social website easily.

December 3
November 27

Launch of JSN Affiliate program

The JoomlaShine Affiliate program is a great way for us to thank you and reward you for introducing JoomlaShine products to others. You can earn up to 50% commission.

Most of templates support VirtueMart

JoomlaShine starts to give you lively templates with a style exclusively for the popular shopping cart VirtueMart. JSN Kido is the first template we released with VirtueMart extended style.

November 12
November 8

All JSN Templates support K2 and Kunena

Kunena and K2 run well on all JoomlaShine templates and besides that, Kunena's design is customized to look even better. Support for Kunena and K2 is the default behavior and there is no parameter in backend to configure it.

Release of JSN UniForm

JSN UniForm is simply the easiest-to-use form extension you have ever used.Easy-to-use, free from extreme technical knowledge, but still so practical; tons of forms are all in your hand!

November 6

Demo Builder is born

We built a "Demo Builder" to help you test all of our products easily before buying. You can access the back-end of the demo builder and you are also free to edit the content and graphics of the demo site

Partnership with OS Training and SiteGround

With the purpose of bringing more value to the customers, JoomlaShine is delighted to announce new partnership with SiteGround and OS Training. You will get a discount if you use a JoomlaShine product and OSTraining or SiteGround services at the same time.

September 19
September 4

Partnership with StackIdeas

We complement each other to come up with the best Joomla solutions you can get.JSN Pixel is the first template which is compatible with StackIdeas's blog extension: EasyBlog.

Publishing of free Joomla! E-book for newbies

We wrote the E-book "Joomla 2.5 Made Easy" from a Joomla newbie point of view; therefore, it is simple, clear and easy to follow with step-by-step guidelines and detailed figures. You can download it for free.

June 21
May 20

Presentation at J and Beyond event

JAB 2012 was an international conference which was attended by developers and site builders from all around the world. JoomlaShine went there to present a hot topic that attracted many people: Bringing a better user experience for Joomla. We presented a new solutions to make Joomla better every single day.

Release of JSN PowerAdmin Free

JSN PowerAdmin makes your Joomla administration process easy and enjoyable. It allows you to have full control over your Joomla website in a single screen. This is not a commercial product; you can download it right now for free and without registration.

March 27



Launch of JoomlaShine Blog

In this Joomla blog you can get the latest news from and other Joomla related news, learn the web development techniques for site building, get marketing and SEO tips and tricks, read case studies. In summary, all things you want to know for building professional and stable website.


Launch of new main site

JoomlaShine is delighted to announce the new design of its official website. As well as JoomlaShine products news and Joomla news, the website also includes customer's testimonials to help visitors learn more about the quality of our products.




Release of our first products

JoomlaShine released our first two products: JSN ImageShow and JSN Epic. JSN ImageShow is the first Joomla! image slideshow that displays truthful images. JSN Epic is free Joomla template with a clean and professional look for corporate websites.


Address: 6th floor Nam Anh building, No.68, Hoang Dao Thuy street, Hanoi, Vietnam

Phone: +84.4.63260066

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