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SiteGround Joomla hosting review: From the GoGeek user

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I have announced about the parnership between SiteGround and JoomlaShine before, and many customers have contacted us to ask more about this hosting service. I myself am using the GoGeek plan at SiteGround for some of my projects. I think it’s better to share with you the experience I had with SiteGround and the reasons why I chose SiteGround to partner with.

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How to build Joomla page using JSN PageBuilder

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It’s a fact that one of the main obstacles in building a Joomla website, especially for beginners, is that they have no idea about, or are simply too tired of, writing long lines of boring codes. As a result, except for pure-text content, they don’t know how to present their content in a visual, eye-catching way. Luckily, JSN PageBuilder can help.

In this article I’ll show you, step by step, about how to build a simple Joomla! page using this Joomla! extension. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to code. In fact, you don’t have to write any code at all. You can choose suitable elements from 20+ advanced page elements and customize them with just a few clicks, and you can use drag-n-drop to rearrange the content section in single interface.

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[INFOGRAPHIC] - 6 steps to build your own Joomla! website without coding knowledge

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Want to build a Joomla! website on your own, but too afraid of tons of codes that you hardly know. Worry no more! With JSN PowerAdmin and JSN Page Builder, everything has become easier than ever!

Let's check out this infographic to see how you can build your own eye-catching Joomla site with the help of JSN PowerAdmin and JSN PageBuilder! No coding skills needed.

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8 Simple Tips To Protect Joomla Website

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Joomla has been known as one of the most popular open source CMS in the world. It's no surprise hackers are drawn to it as well. However, there are a number of things you can do to strengthen your security and turn your Joomla website into a fortress. Today I will show you 8 simple steps to better protect your Joomla Website, how to guard it against the most common exploits and hacks that this CMS faces.

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Joomla Tips And Tricks You Should Know

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Joomla is the popular CMS which helps you create website easily. If you use Joomla as long enough to say you know everything about Joomla, you should have second thought. Today I’m gonna find and collect some tips and tricks from several sources before and hope you can find some useful tips and tricks that you haven’t known before.

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