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Why sign up to our network

Earn up to 50%

We offer the highest affiliate commission in the Joomla market: start from 35% and up to 50%. The levels of commission will rely on your number of approved sales.

Professional Press Kit

We provide a wide range of eye-catching banners, text links and promo emails that you can display on your website to increase click-throughs and conversions.

Easy to start

The process is dead-easy. Just sign up, choose a suitable banner and place it on your site. There are also a lot of promotion materials to help you earn more commission.

Commission payouts 

Minimum Payout


Payout Duration

First week of each month, once per month, for the previous 2 months

Commission Type


Commission Structure

Number of approved sales

(from the first to the last day of a month)











Further information

JoomlaShine Affiliate FAQs

What is your Affiliate Program?

The JSN Affiliate Program is a great way for us to reward and thank you for introducing our Joomla products to others. You will get paid a commission whenever visitors you refer make a purchase of our products. But please note: You can't earn commission on all our Developer Packages

How will know when I’ve earned a commission?

When someone purchases from our site via your link, the JoomlaShine Affiliate system sends you an email about the sale details: the commission you will get, the order ID as well as the referral URL. You also can login to your affiliate panel to check your sales, traffic, commission, etc.

When and how will I be paid?

Your commissions are paid in the first week of every month, normally the second day or the third day of the month. The minimum balance for you to get paid is $25 and we pay via Paypal. You can track your payment history and pending payments from your affiliate panel. More about how JoomlaShine pay affiliates.

Do you restrict anything?

We’re sorry but yes. We do not allow coupon sites to join JoomlaShine affiliate program. You can't earn commission if the content in your referral URL is coupon code only. When you sign-up, please read our Terms and Conditions carefully.

How much can I earn with your Affiliate Program?

Your monthly commission is determined by the total number of sales generated during a month. There's no limit on how much you can earn. Some of our affiliates earn more than $500 per month.

I know nothing about affiliate programs, can I start?

Yes, of course. We built the JoomlaShine Affiliate program in the easiest way for you to earn money. All marketing materials such as banners, text links and product documentation are already prepared for you. We also provide step-by-step guidelines on how to promote the product as well as more tips for you to earn more money, via blog posts, forum posts and free E-books. You can learn from other affiliates on how they earn money with the JoomlaShine affiliate program.

Cookie Tracking Information?

The JoomlaShine Affiliate Program uses cookies to track and record sales made through your referrals. The tracking cookie lasts for 60 days. That means if a visitor comes to our site through your affiliate link and then left, but 59 days after that, he purchased a product (not through another affiliate's link and he hasn't cleared his cookies) then you will still get the commission.

I don’t want to show the referral ID in my link, is that ok?

Yes, it is. We have a powerful tool for you to create direct links without additional parameters in the URL. Visitor doesn't know he is clicking on an affiliate link. You must define your link in your affiliate panel and let us know that you own that site. All URLs have to be manually reviewed and approved by the merchant before they can be active. Please note: this method is dependent on the browser, so it is 90-99% reliable but it does not work for promo emails.

My question isn’t listed. How can I get support?

Please contact us through the email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or post your question at our Support forum. You also can get in touch with us at Facebook, Twitter and Google+

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