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This error indicates that you didn’t configure showcase properly. You probably already created the showcase, but didn’t select it for presentation in ...
Einleitung Seit der Einführung der ersten Version von Joomla! CMS, schränkte das Berechtigungssystem, welches in der Zugriffskontrollliste eingebaut ist, Joomla! -Benutzer immer wieder beträchtlich ein. Mit dem neuen Joomla! 1.7 ACL (= access control list) sind Sie in der Lage zu bestimmen, wer für bestimmte Benutzeraktivitäten auf der Webseite berechtigt ist. Die Zugriffskontrollliste ist somit viel ausgeklügelter und durchdachter als in den bisherigen Versionen. Im weiteren Verlauf detaillierter Erklärungen werden Sie lernen, was genau eigentlich diese Zugriffskontrollliste ausmacht und was sie bei der Anpassung von Benutzergruppen für eine Rolle spielt. Damit Sie eine bessere Vorstellung von dem bedeutsamen Wert der Zugriffsskontrollliste bekommen, werden wir im Folgenden einen Vergleich zwischen Joomla! 1.5 und Joomla! 1.7 ziehen. Zum Verständnis der Zugriffskontrollliste werden wir Ihnen die 3 wichtigsten Konzepte vorstellen: Benutzergruppen, Zugriffsebenen und Berechtigungen.
By Amber
Deutsch Joomla SEO template is very important with a administrator. A beautiful template is not enough if it doesn’t help you have a high rank in Google. So when we made the Joomla template, we tried to optimize it for SEO as much as possible. Let’s see how JSN Epic template optimized. Decrease the loading time: JSN Epic template, all the multiple icons and single images are merged in one single image file, so you can reduce the number of HTTP requests to the server. And more than that, you can make all of the files compressed to be one file when you enable CSS/JS in SEO parameters template. So the loading time is faster and the search engines will care much more.
By huyennt
Currently, the number of templates designed for Joomla gallery websites has increased significantly in the market. Considering this fact, I'd like to share with you some experience in building a photo gallery website from scratch based on version 1.5. The aim of this article is to help you build a Joomla gallery on version 1.5 in the most cost-effective way. Therefore, I prefer free templates and extensions (under GNU/GPL license). The only cost you have to pay is hiring a hosting service and buying a domain name. By following the steps below, you can build a Joomla gallery website by yourself.
English Überblick Joomla!-Template-Frameworks für Entwickler Aufgrund den schon vorhandenen Designs überzeugen Joomla!-Templates viele Joomla!-Einsteiger wenn es darum geht, möglichst schnell Webseiten zu erstellen. Der Joomla!-Entwickler bevorzugt jedoch sogenannte Joomla!- Template-Frameworks und liebt die ständige Herausforderung der Anpassungsarbeit, da er nur auf diese Weise erstrebenswerte Resultate erzielen kann, was sich dementsprechend auch in der Einzigartigkeit seiner Webseite widerspiegelt. Im Folgenden werden wir Ihnen 9 der beliebtesten Joomla!-Template-Frameworks vorstellen.
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Rated 5 stars based on 11 votes I/ The Joomla! 2.5 is coming! As you know, we've just welcomed the release of Joomla! Version 2.5, And I know when you read my first line, many questions related to this problem will come to mind, such as Why a Joomla! Version upgrade so quickly? What happens if we don't upgrade to the latest version? Should we consider upgrading to Joomla! 2.5? What new features have been added to Joomla! 2.5? For a technician, how to persuade customers to spend money to upgrade to version 2.5 while their website is working properly and with no errors?
By huyennt
Uxbridge College website The Joomla platform is a great choice for education websites since it is easy to use and highly extensible. Its extensions meet the requirements of this type of website - to present staff profiles, to display organization events and so on. However, choosing suitable free Joomla extensions from the many ones out there is not simple at all. If you build a website for school, I have a secret for you - I have made a list of useful free Joomla extensions for you. I checked many websites, took a note of useful extension types and chose similar ones on Joomla! Extensions Directory (JED). I also tested them on my local host to make sure they run well. Let's have a look at them below.
At you can download product files at Customer Area right after successful payment. Here is the quick guide just in case you missed your download. Login to Customer Area The first thing is to login to Customer Area from the main menu.
What is a Cookie? A cookie is information that a website puts on your computer's hard disk so the website can remember something about you at a later time. Internet browsers, such as Internet Explorer, allow PC users to choose whether to enable or disable cookies. One of the advantages of enabling cookies in an Internet browser is that the cookie allows the website to remember your preferences. KeepandShare uses cookies solely to make our software work better for you. requires that your computer's browser have its 'cookies' feature turned on. If you're seeing a message that your browser's cookie functionality is turned off, it's possible that you don't have cookies enabled in your browser. Below are listed browser-specific instructions on how to enable your cookies.

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