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Here comes Joomla 1.6 then 1.7 After three years in development, the next generation of Joomla – Joomla 1.7 has been released. As it has a short lifespan (6 months) before the release of version 1.8, there are many arguments for and against it Whatever group you are in, it is undeniable that Joomla 1.7 has some big improvements - wihich come from community inspiration.
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Even though you are using Reddit, Technorati or Facebook to keep informed of Joomla! news, there’s still a lot lacking if you don’t use Twitter – A extremely popular social networking space that always allows you to update the latest news fastest in the shortest time.
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JoomlaShine Team is amazingly happy to announce the launch official JoomlaShine Blog . To continue with delivering awesome Joomla templates and outsta...

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