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Last time, we introduced you to Joomla Extension Directories (JED); and in this second part, you are going to find out how to locate a specific Joomla extension on JED Search System. JED Search is a good tool for you use to look for Joomla extensions. We recommend you use the Advanced Search for better results.
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Since the birth of the first version of Joomla CMS, the permission system has had serious limitations for Joomla! Users. The permission system is implemented by the access control list (ACL). With a new Joomla 1.7 ACL you are able to define who has permission to do what on the website, to login, access, create, edit or delete the content. With the release of Joomla 1.7 the ACL is much more sophisticated. In this article I'll give you a detailed explanation what the ACL is and how it can help you in customization of User Groups. For a better understanding of the great value of the ACL in this article you will see a comparison between Joomla 1.5 and Joomla 1.7. An understanding of the ACL includes 3 important concepts: User Groups, Access Level and Permission. Let's take a closer look at the purpose and functionality of each of these.
Looking for the Joomla Service Providers is not so hard - Google does it all. You can also upload your project on freelancer marketplaces, where hundreds of experts are willing to take it over with reasonable price. However, ensuring that they can give you good service is another story. You might often get confused. I do.
The freelance marketplace is the great place where the companies can outsource the project for an affordable cost. It gives good opportunities to the developers from developing countries to make a little bit cash in Internet. For the past decade, we have seen in live a significant growth in outsourcing marketplaces with talented people in charge and robust platform. In this article, I'd like to share with you ten of the most reliable freelance marketplaces suggested by experienced freelancers over the world. The websites are arranged in top-down priority. For each source, I will provide you with the website link and a short introduction for general comprehension. I recommend you get access right to the links for a practical look on these sites.
Rated 4 stars based on 45 votes Deutsch Copyright All rights reserved by Julian Schrader on Flickr Photo If you are the web developer and working with Joomla templates, it is likely that you know a lot about Firebug. For would-be or non web developers, the word Firebug might sound familiar to you even though you have never used it before. Till now, this plugin has been a widely-used web development tool thanks to its outstanding features in joomla templates customization. Not only web developers but also other people can find the addon helpful for building a simple and stable website. In this post, I will clarify what Firebug is and how it is helping thousands of web developers around the world and even non tech folks archive the best results in their work.
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“What is Joomla?” , “Learning Joomla, is it hard?”, “Mastering Joomla, how long does it take?” – They seem to be FAQs of all Joomla users, at whatever stage – Beginners, beginner plus or advanced users. How do you get them answered?
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Hootsuite Dashboard of Joomlashine screenshot "TweetDeck, CoTweet, Seesmic… - Which Social Media Dashboard should I choose?" If you are a Twitter user and want to manage your account efficiently, this question might not seem strange to you. Even though, it can not be answered easily since each software has its own advantages. We did a research on popular Social Media Dashboards, finally choosing HootSuite because of its rich, easy–to–use yet powerful managing features. Let's see how the software with a cute owl mascot can surprise you, too:
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Rated 5 stars based on 30 votes Deutsch Interaction matters, when it comes to building an online rock-solid customer relationship. It's the common situation when a buyer has questions before purchasing products; he needs real people who are able assist him make decisions quickly and correctly. Emails take a lot of response time; FAQs section doesn't give the right answer and sometimes is outdated. Live chat integration provides a great solution to this problem.
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You might not know about Joomla! Days although you have used the CMS for long time. It is a pity if you miss such a cool event of the Joomla! world. This article will give you information about Joomla! Days in 2011. Probably you will join the events this year and see something different. First of all, you'd better know what Joomla! Day is, so...
Starting the customization template for a client you have to face to the familiar task: changing the template logo with the client's. In this blog post I'll show you how this process is simplified with JoomlaShine template.

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