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3 Features Make You Use Joomla Rather Than WordPress

3 Features Make You Use Joomla Rather Than WordPress

Joomla and Wordpress are two popular content management systems (CMS), which help you create websites quickly and easily. They are both incredible systems in terms of features, capability, and ease of use. So, what are the differences between them? Why is Joomla the better known CMS, which combines the benefits of WordPress and Drupal and adds in some great features of its own? Today we are going to look at the features of Joomla, what they used for, and why these features make Joomla special.

I) Community Support:

Support is really important when creating websites using CMS systems. Both Joomla and WordPress also have their own community support. They have active support forums, which are useful when looking for specific solutions to specific problems

However, Joomla uses phpBB to run its forum. It rewards members for active participation through a ranking system. As a result, Joomla does a better job at evaluating users for their active participation. In Joomla Forum, users can see the involvement and engagement of the community.

community support

Besides that, sometimes users get stuck with something and need a professional to assist. Both WordPress and Joomla have solutions on their own websites to help them. WordPress has WordPress Jobs, which allows users to post problems. In comparison with Wordpress, Joomla offers a Joomla Resource Directory, which allows professionals to create listings for themselves or their businesses. You can then find a professional in your area and contact them directly to assist you with your problem.

Moreover, the biggest benefit when using Joomla is its social networking. Joomla makes it the easy to create social networks. Social networks can be a powerful asset for many sites, and you can have one up and running extremely quickly and easily with Joomla. Here are some social networks that are run by Joomla and WordPress:

  • Kurena extension (Forum)
  • Discussions extension (Forum)


    • BBPress plugin (Forum)


II) Extensions:

In comparison with WordPress, Joomla is more complicated. It requires deeper knowledge of HTML, PHP and CSS. But Joomla offers more opportunities to change the website - make some customizations and modifications through extensions.

Joomla Extension

The picture above shows the differences between Joomla (left hand) and WordPress (right hand) extensions.

Joomla can be extended by using components, modules and plugins. All of them can be downloaded from Joomla Extensions Directory, whereas WordPress uses the term “Plugin” to encompass all of its extensions. Moreover, Joomla handles menus as a separate component,
Finding extensions for Joomla to increase its abilities is generally an easy process. Users can visit Joomla Extension Directory, search for what they need, read reviews, and download/purchase an extension.



Joomla offers more opportunities to change the website - make some customizations and modifications through templates.Joomla templates seem to be designed and developed with flexibility in mind, whereas WordPress themes are designed with a specific purpose in mind.

Premium templates for Joomla will contain all the things which will help you design your site to a specific purpose. Joomla is considerably more versatile and has no limitations with design. You can try Free Hi-Quality Joomla Templates at Joomla Template.

On the other hand, WordPress themes seem to be limited to a single purpose. If you aren’t a web designer, this makes it a little difficult to customize the theme to suit something that isn’t quite what it is aiming at. If you’re not looking to do anything too fancy, WordPress themes may be perfect for you.

Wrapping Up
Joomla is often thought of as a powerful content management system. It can run smoothly on most web servers. In comparison with Wordpress, Joomla offers many extra features, such as:

• Huge and active Community Support Network.

• Customized Extensions.

• Modified Templates.

If you find more extra features that make Joomla unique, please contribute your ideas by commenting below.


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