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5 useful Joomla extensions to build a website

5 useful Joomla extensions to build a website

Building a new website with full features now is much easier with Joomla Extensions than ever before. With just a few clicks, you can create and manage the content of your website, even if you are the newbie. Today, I will show you 5 useful Joomla extensions you should have when building your new Joomla website. With them, you have will a full control over your content, creating professional layouts and new content types with your own custom fields. Now, let’s explore them.




Seblod is a software for Joomla created by a French company. It allows you to create complex content structured data types on your website collect and display all sorts of data and different applications.
A simple and 100% open-source environment will answer the specific needs of your customers faster than ever.

Moreover, Seblod enables the advanced management of content types while remaining compatible with all Joomla extensions. It's not only possible to produce custom catalogs to showcase products, real estate, and films, but also directories, calendars, or more complex extranet applications. 




JSN PageBuilder is an extremely useful Joomla extension to help you build and manage pages for Joomla 3.x websites. With JSN PageBuilder, building and managing a Joomla responsive page is easier than ever for both newbies and website developers. You can create, rearrange or resize complex pages however you want. 

Lots of advanced elements with built-in animations are available for you to build a stunning page in a more visual way. Just drag’n’drop and you can get a complete page, displaying beautifully on all browsers and mobile devices.  




Content Builder fills the gap between cracks and regular Joomla! Users, who finally want to get the advantages of a CCK.

The main task for Content Builder is to structure Joomla! content while preserving content layouts. 
But you can do a lot more with it. Content Builder provides list/detail views by default that can act as administrative panels. It also creates regular content items if desired, which you may use on your site just like any other content - without the need for core replacements.

Additionally, you can use Content Builder to control user permissions for several actions, such as content access, content editing, rating, article parameter settings, publishing, etc.




Easy Blog by StackIdeas is a commercial open source component software for Joomla websites. Easy Blog can be used to manage your personal blog, company blog, and category blog. It also has a lot of Social Network integrations that allow you to automatically post to Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Moreover, the Easy Blog extension also has tons of integrations with EasySocial & JomSocial.
Easy blog was featured on the Community Choice Extensions in Joomla Extensions Directory.


5. K2 


K2 provides an out-of-the box integrated solution featuring rich content forms for items, categories, tags, comments, a system to extend the item base form with additional fields, a powerful plugin API to extend item, category and user forms, front-end editing, sub-templates & and a lot more.

Using K2, you can transform your Joomla website into a magazine site with author blogs, product catalogs, work portfolio, knowledge base, download document manager, directory listing, event listing and more, and all this bundled into one package.



You can install many Joomla extensions from JED to create the website you want. However, all of the components mentioned here should be installed first. They augment the Joomla core to help you build your new website easier.

If you think that there are other Joomla extensions that should be used to build a new website, please feel free to comment using the link below.


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