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5 Joomla Web Design Trends in 2015

Summer has gone and we are rapidly moving towards the end of 2014. This year is coming to close and it also the time we predict a ton of awesome trends for next year

What Joomla web design trends do you think we will see in 2015? Will it be a focus on more simplicity and smaller screen sizes? So let’s have a look at the Joomla Web Design Trends for 2015:



evolution of flat design


For those of you who haven’t heard of the term, “flat design” is the term given to the style of design in which elements lose any type of stylistic characters that make them appear as though they lift off the page.

2014 became the Flat Design era, so what about 2015? Will it disappear or it will be improved?
2015 is the year we can call: “The evolution of Flat Design”. Goodbye outdated textures, so long to awkward shadows, adios bubbles and gradients. 2015 is all about beautiful, minimal flat design. As more and more hand held devices are being adopted, designers are keen on constructing design elements that appear smoothly on flat screens. Though flat design has been a favorite for a while, we’re predicting a huge growth in dazzling and painless flat user interfaces. However, flat design in its most basic form is here to stay for a while.



less text, richer content experience


The websites made with Joomla seem to use less text. Instead of information in a paragraph or huge block of text, the focus has turned more into creative, visual storytelling. Text has been dramatically cut down to the bare necessities, while imagery such as icons, info graphics and large images, are employed to communicate important information. For example: you can see on some portfolio or e-commerce websites that they have almost no visible text, and instead rely on images and icons to convey information to the users.
Generally, a website with less text will appeal to users but you also need some text so the user can read information about what are the website is doing. So that is the reason the trend is towards richer content experiences. Text combined with videos, pictures and interactive functionality is integrated to tell a story that will hold the attention of users.



site manager


The year 2015 will finally see the shift to where more individuals are browsing on mobiles rather than on traditional computers. With the numbers increasing monthly, mobile users will soon be in the majority, so having a website that can be easily viewed on an Android device or iPhone or any other mobile device will be vital. A responsive design will allow your website to detect the screen size of the customer’s device and then scale to the proper fit to give them the best user experience possible.
While many companies were still opting for a dedicated mobile website along with a regular web front, we’re predicting an almost exclusive take over of timesaving designs that are both impressive and mobile-responsive. The trend has a tremendous amount of marketing potential and web designers are scrambling to hone their skills in the tech.



typography art


Next year will be the outbreak of typographic art. You can say goodbye to boring old fonts, such as Times New Roman or Arial. Next year, typography gets serious, and is now on the fast track towards the mainstream. High quality fonts are now available at affordable prices, which spare the small business owner from paying through the nose for complete font sets for their marketing materials. As web fonts are on the rise, designers are favoring bigger font sizes than ever, and mix and match is proving to be very popular. In addition, responsive typography should become a bigger part of responsive web design. With an increased emphasis on content, rich typography will continue to be a dominating design element into 2015.



html5 videos


HTML5 markup language will stay a core technology for structuring and presenting content for the web. HTML5 sites will be long and narrative with a strong focus on storytelling, similar to online magazines. Alternatively, check out a few of these rather creative agency websites, which blend dollops of HTML5 with sprinklings of CSS3 and jQuery.

There would also be videos, not merely promotional ones but HTML5 videos, which would run in the background of the web pages. There are many methods by which videos can be embedded in HTML pages and a number of brands have already included this element in their web design. As there are several types of websites coming up with innovative design methods, you would definitely prefer a website which is composed of properly adjusted images with proper content. It is essential that the website you are visiting should not have design elements arranged in an unconventional way..

If you have any questions or some tips want to share, don’t hestitate to share with us by the comments below. Thank you so much and hope the article is helpful for you.



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5 Joomla Web Design Trends in 2015

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