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5 Tips to Improve Your Inbound Marketing Plan for Joomla Websites

5 Tips to Improve Your Inbound Marketing Plan for Joomla Websites


In contrast to outbound marketing – where marketers have to go out to get a prospect’s attention, inbound marketing is a strategy that utilizes many different ways (SEO, blogs, webinars, e-books, whitepapers, social media) to create brand awareness and attract prospects. This strategy consists of 4 steps: Attract, Convert, Close and Engage, which are clearly indicated in the first picture.

In fact, inbound marketing is easy to understand, but hard to run effectively. Let me ask you a question: " Have you had any of these problems: you don’t have a good ROI; not many visitors click on Calls-to-Action button; your customers don’t come back after a sale?"

If the answer is “Yes”, check out these 5 tips to help you review and improve your inbound marketing plan.

Follow Up Your Rivals

As Andrew S. Grove – Founder and CEO of Intel said:

“Only the paranoid survive.”

You have to keep your eyes on your rivals, watch any change from them, and always question why they did that. They change something just because of one reason: it works for their business.  Maybe they know some new things that you don’t. And what you don’t know may harm your business more than you can realize.
There are some ways to stay up to date with your rivals:

  • Follow and get notifications on rivals’ social channels. For example, you can track your rivals’ Facebook fanpages by adding “Pages to watch” feature in your fanpage’s insight. You can see their Page Likes, Post Reach and Engagement Metric that lead you to improve your Facebook marketing strategy quite efficiently.


  • Use listening tools to listen to the discussions on the Internet about your brand or your rivals. Here are some of them that you can use: Google Alerts, Icerocket, Social Mention, Topsy…


  • Access a mediate website (e.g: marketing.grader.com, delicious.com, compete.com…) to compare your website with your rivals’ ones.


Study your rivals’ sales process and marketing strategies from their websites and identify what makes your brand unique from rivals on the market.

Invest In Website Content: Start Blogging

When your products are similar to others’ and all websites are using SEO, the best way for your website to be unique is blogging. There are many benefits of blogging: visitors will trust you more if you are an expert in the market; they will register to receive your new posts and share your posts if they feel they are good; once they like you, they will make a faster decision to buy your products.

If you can’t write the blog attractively yourself, or you don’t have the time to do it yourself, you should hire a freelance copywriter to do it for you. Therefore, you won’t miss out on the benefits of blogging.

How many posts per week is enough?

I suggest two or three posts per week, and you should ensure that they are scheduled to be published in time. It’s very important to keep the attention of your visitors.


Improve The Convert Step and The Close Step

Do you have high click-through rates in Call-To-Action (CTA )step?

If not, please check and improve this step. You should ensure that your landing page is clear and your visitors don’t have to do so many things to click through it.

In addition, you can improve this step by providing some kinds of documentation in the CTA step: free e-books, videos, webinars or whitepapers… After one month or less, the results will show which kind of documentation is the most attractive to your visitors. And that’s the documentation you should change in the Convert step.


The next step is the Close step. With visitors who click on CTA but still do not buy products, you should follow up on them and send them a series of emails to provide them with useful information.

Add A Loyalty Program to Your Plan

Instead of attracting more new customers, you should also focus on taking care of your existing customers by offering a loyalty program. Please remember the 80/20 rule of Pareto: 80% of revenue comes from 20% of customers. Everything you do is just to make them happy in the hope that they will share their experiences or promote your brand on their social networks.  


There are many ways to do this: points card, rewards cards, club cards, or new promotions… But don’t use a discount strategy too much. Although it encourages a customer to come back for your products or services once or twice, it might decrease your product value after the promotion period. You should build up a lifetime relationship with your customers.

Notice The Small Details

The final thing: review the front-end once again. Put yourself in a new visitor’s shoes to see how they see your website.

Is everything ok?

Maybe there are some problems with the front-end that makes visitors feel uncomfortable: it’s too slow, it doesn’t look good, it’s too hard to navigate to another landing page, etc. Small details can ruin your business. Ensure that everything is ok, and you can complete your inbound marketing strategy. 

In case you want to experience new templates, you can use free JSN templates (by visiting the website: www.joomlashine.com). They’re free, hi-quality and look almost like Pro editions. The designs of JSN templates are optimized to be suitable for various usage objectives: online shop, e-commerce, news/magazine, education…


Ok, there you have it! Did I miss something in this topic? Feel free to leave your comments below this post.

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