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7 helpful Joomla video tutorial resources for you


When you begin to make acquaintance with Joomla, you certainly need material which assists you in using it. However, sometimes, you cannot read a book with too many pages. Maybe it takes you a lot of time to read, understand, and apply; you might even misunderstand what was written. That usually makes you mad. Therefore, you should find another type of Joomla tutorial resource.

According to what I know, tutorial resources are spilt into 2 types: document and video. The majority of document tutorial resources are shared free on the Internet through blogs, e-books, forum, etc. What about video tutorial resources? In this article, I will introduce you to some useful Joomla video tutorial resources.

Joomla Channel on YouTube

Video tutorial resource - Joomla! Official Channel

  • Object: Developers
  • Number of Videos: 30+
  • Free or Commercial: Free
  • Get updated: Subscribe to receive the latest news via emails. (Click the "Subscribe" button on the top).
  • Transcription/Text: Available. More details

As we all know, YouTube is a famous video-sharing website, founded in 2005, in which users can upload, view and share videos. Joomla! created an official channel on YouTube to upload videos as well as give the community latest news.

This channel has a few video tutorials stored such as Installing Joomla with cPanel, What is Joomla? Learn about the Joomla! Application , etc. Besides these, there are also other clips in which experts introduce Joomla and related information to you as well as interviews with members of the leadership team. Most of video tutorials are in high quality with good images and sound. It's not hard to understand the speakers in those videos.

However, this channel is actually suitable for developers more than beginners like me. In addition, its videos are quite out of date. There are just video tutorials about version 1.5 and 1.6. No Joomla 2.5 videos are available even thought these new versions have been released already.

Because of the above disadvantages, I will suggest some other resources that can help you more, especially beginners.

Joomla Tutorials

Video tutorial resource - Joomla Tutorials website

  • Object: Beginners, Intermediate
  • Number of Video: 50+
  • Free or Commercial: Free
  • Get updated: Not available.
  • Transcription/Text: Available.

To access the tutorials, click on the tab "Joomla Tutorials". This website guides Joomla users not only by articles but also by animated videos. Video tutorials are arranged into 2 folders: Joomla 1.5 tutorials and Joomla 1.6 tutorials, including many short clips. Every clip lasts about 1 to 5 minutes and displays steps to use Joomla with the direction of mouse movement, in a quick and simple way. You might understand and practice it easily. The quality of each video tutorial is good as well. I learned to install a Joomla template through this website and it worked for me.

In this resource, there is no voice-over in the videos, so it doesn't matter whether you can listen to English well or not.

On the other hand, this website does not have version 2.5 tutorials but only version 1.5 and 1.6 ones.

As a whole, Joomla Tutorials is still a good choice for you if you are a Beginner or Intermediate.

Joomla Video Tutorials of SiteGround

Video tutorial resource - SiteGround website

  • Object: Intermediate and Developers
  • Number of Videos: 40+
  • Free or Commercial: Free
  • Get updated: Facebook, Twitter, Google+
  • Transcription/Text: Available

You might know SiteGround is a very popular hosting provider, but you might have no idea that they have Joomla video lessons for Intermediate and Developers. 40 video tutorials is not a big number; however, they are all created by one of the most prominent Joomla experts and co-founder - Brian Teeman. This differs SiteGround video tutorials from the others. The video lessons are divided into 2 main categories: Build a Site with Joomla 3! (30 videos) and Migrate Joomla 1.5 to Joomla 3! (11 videos)

In 30 videos of Build a Site with Joomla 3! Course, you will learn the way to create a website with Joomla 3.x from the very beginning steps such as how to install a Joomla website as well as install necessary extensions JCE and Akeeba Backup to more advanced steps such as the way to Add a Google Analytics Plugin, Enabling Joomla SEF URLs, etc. In the second course, 11 videos will show you a step by step guide to make a complete Joomla 1.5 to Joomla 3! Migration.

All of the videos are very high quality; the sound is good; the subtitle and transcription is very clear and match, and you can also watch them in HD mode.


Video tutorial resource - iTeachMe website

  • Object: Admin or Intermediate
  • Number of Videos: 30+
  • Free or Commercial: Commercial
  • Get updated: RSS, Facebook, Twitter
  • Transcription/Text: Available

This resource is not rich because it just has 24 videos which are divided into 5 categories: Administration, Content, Extension Development, Installation, Utilities. The quality of videos is good; images are clear and dynamic.

Nevertheless, the voice of the guide is quite quiet and boring. Also, video tutorials are not specific; maybe they are intended for all versions. Nearly all of these tutorials also only support Joomla Admin or Intermediate, hence, if you are a beginner, you should refer to another resource.

Lynda's website

Video tutorial resource - Lynda's website

The lynda.com Online Training Library is popular for high-quality training videos. Here, you can search for great video tutorials. (Go the bottom of the page, choose "Software" tab -> "Joomla!" or at the top tab of the page, choose "Software" -> "J" category ->"Joomla").

I think this website is the best one because it has a lot of video tutorials for 4 versions 1.5, 1.6, 1.7 and 2.5; high-quality videos with lively illustration and good sound. Besides, the voices in video tutorial are very interesting and impressive.

Each course includes separate many short video clips so that you can learn them step by step easily. According to some clips I checked, the duration of each clip is about 1 minute - 10 minutes.

For tutorials, currently, there are 3 authors: Kenneth Crowder, Joseph LeBlanc and Jen Kramer. They are all famous in the Joomla! community for writing books.

In general, Lynda.com is one of the best Joomla video tutorial resources that you should not ignore.



  • Object: Joomla Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced
  • Number of videos: 100+
  • Free or Commercial: Commercial (There are only few clips that you can watch freely)
  • Get updated: RSS, Facebook, Twitter, Google+
  • Transcription/Text: Available

OSTraining is one of the most popular CMS tutorial resources, including more than 100 video training for Joomla users from low to high level. To enter the Joomla video tutorial resource, go to menu "Online training", then choose Joomla.

There are two main classes: Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 1.5. In Joomla 2.5 class, video clips are arranged logically according to different levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Template designer along with other categories such as Joomla security, Joomla Multi-lingual sites, Joomla Access control at which you can learn to manage and control Joomla sites; Joomsocial, Joomla K2 which help you to use these famous Joomla extensions in Joomla site.

You will be guided in details via 1 - 10 minute videos by teachers including Vicki Watson, Ed Andrea, Rob Martin.

The only thing you should do now is joining to OSTraining and enjoying classes in here.



  • Object: Joomla Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced
  • Number of videos: 100+
  • Free or Commercial:
    • Free Joomla tutorials for beginners
    • Commercial Joomla tutorials for intermediate and advanced
  • Get updated: RSS, Facebook, Twitter, Google+
  • Transcription/Text: Available

If you are a Joomla newbie and you want to build a Joomla site, this is a great place for you to start. There are 20 clips of Joomla 2.5 in level beginner enough for you to do that in the basic way. And you will just spend a short time to know how to use Joomla easily with these video tutorials in BuildaJoomlaWebsite.com.

Besides, if intermediate and advanced users want to know more things about backing up your site, capture details with web forms, insert a Google Map or just want to be a Joomla expert, you could still watch video tutorials dedicating to you after registering, then buy (for Beyond the basics) or subscribe (for Joomla Pro).

I think you might be interested because each of these clips which last an average of 10 minutes is easy-to-understand with lively images and strong voice.

So, if you like it, why not visit this resource?


I have just introduced some Joomla video tutorial resources. Almost all of them are free for watching, sharing and downloading. You can visit to one or all of them and learn to use Joomla. It's also easy for you to explore them. I hope that this article can help you to find useful tutorial resources. If you know other video tutorial resources, please leave a comment with the links. Your sites will be appreciated!

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