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Are you a Joomla novice? Read these common Joomla mistakes to find out (tips included)

Are you a Joomla novice? Read these common Joomla mistakes to find out (tips included)


Although Content Management Systems like Joomla are really easy to use and capable of helping you build the perfect website, there are still many “Why did I do that?” mistakes that Joomla users easily make, especially first-time Joomla users. Even if you’re an experienced Joomla user or a Joomla developer, check this list out to see if you’re really a Joomla savvy or not :D

So, here we’re going to list out the most commonly made mistakes when using Joomla and how to steer away from them. We’ve included some comprehensive Joomla tips on how to prevent these mistakes and how to handle them and we hope that you find them helpful.

Uploading stuff without optimizing its size

If you’re uploading files with its original size, especial media file, I believe that you don’t get a slightest idea why you’re site is running so slowly. Images, video, files, CSS/HTML/JavaScript… all of these things need to be uploaded and optimized to the smallest size before uploading to your Joomla website. This is a good practice that will speed up your site’s loading speed a lot.

Quick tip

You can use online tools to optimize images online like Optimizilla. For video, you’d better upload them to video hosting services like Youtube or Vimeo to keep the highest video quality while keeping your site lightweight. Don’t upload videos directly to your website.

For HTML, CSS, JavaScript, there are also many compressing tools out there but I would suggest that you, especially if you’re a developer, to not use them since they are lack of many things to compress files to the finest. Most popular Joomla template frameworks already do the compressing files for you.

common joomla mistakes - sun framework

Not having a backup plan

Whenever there’s a new Joomla version or new template/extension updates, many people would go ahead and update their live site without thinking. By without thinking, I mean there is no backup, no testing sites in the process. The result? Your live website might turn into a complete mess and you have to fix it while cursing the updates (when it’s not the new updates to blame).  

Or imagine one beautiful day, you wake up and find out your website is hacked. If you don’t have any backups or if the backup was made 2 years ago, well, where’s your God now?

common joomla mistakes

Quick tips

Always do the backup regularly. This is going to make sure that even if something happens, you will be able to recover. Akeeba backup is the best tool for Joomla website backup right now. You don’t have to find any other tool to compare.

Making customization on live site

I agree that customization makes you site unique and it’s necessary for any type of website. However, that type of thing should only be done in a test site, not a live one. Imagining visiting a website and it has a weird dumb content slider on homepage – then after some minutes the slider disappears – isn’t that weird and confusing?

Quick tips

Build a test site and always make changes on test site first to see how is it going to look. Only after the code and customization is good enough for you, put it on live site (if you’re careful, choose the time when there is less traffic so the changes won’t affect too many people).

Overwriting Joomla core

common joomla mistakes

Why hack Joomla core? It’s because you’re a mighty developer? Because you a person with full of freedom and can do whatever you want?

Sorry, you can do whatever you want with Joomla, except for hacking Joomla core – which means customize the Joomla core code for your need. Changing Joomla core will cause many conflicts and unexpected problems when you update Joomla versions as well as other third-party Joomla products like Joomla templates and extensions.

Quick tip

Never hack Joomla core. Never reinvent the wheel. It’s the stupidest thing to do.

If you need any features for your Joomla website, you’d better use a Joomla extension to help you. There are more than 7,000 extensions on JED and I’m sure you’ll have extensions for all of your website’s needs.

For the User Interface and the look of your website, you can safely use a convenient template override, though.

Using too many Joomla extensions at once

The more Joomla extensions you use, the more features you have. And it makes your Joomla website look cool, powerful and enormous.

You probably think so, right?

Sadly, using too many Joomla extensions at once just gets your website in trouble of incompatibility issues. Plus, it makes your site loading speed sluggish too.

Quick tip

K.I.S.S. (Keep it simple, stupid) is the mantra for you. Joomla is a very powerful system with many functionalities to run your website, so consider carefully before using any installing any Joomla extension. It’s the best for you to dig into what Joomla can do first.

Not cleaning your Joomla website

Do you keep an extension you’re not using just because maybe in future you’ll use them? Keeping unnecessary files on your site will slow it down. Not to mention if your site have many broken links/images, you’ll lose many potential visitors too.

Quick tip

Even if you are not a fan of cleaning your room, you must clean up your website once in a while. Here’s a few cleaning tasks you should do more often:

  • Uninstall the unused Joomla extensions/templates
  • Check for 404 links and redirect them (sh404sef and webmaster tools are great tools for this)
  • Remove/update outdated content, especially your blog

Using Joomla is easy - don’t be a fool!

As you can see, there are quite a few things that you will have to consider. It’s important to note that the key to perfection is repetition. You should make sure that you stick to it and in time you will quickly see that you wouldn’t make any of those foolish mistakes.

Hope that with these common Joomla mistakes and the valuable Joomla tips on how to fix/avoid them, you’ll be proud making stuff with Joomla.

Do you encounter any repeated Joomla mistakes? Comment below to discuss with us! Don’t forget to share this article if you find it useful too!

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