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[August giveaway] Get your cloud hosting done right with 2-month FREE hosting from Cloudways

[August giveaway] Get your cloud hosting done right with 2-month FREE hosting from Cloudways


Cloudways Managed Cloud Hosting is one of the most innovative Cloud Hosting Platform providing managed hosting services for Joomla agencies, developers and designers. Cloudways serves as a Platform to host your web applications on cloud servers from infrastructure providers like DigitalOcean, Amazon Web Services, Google Compute Engine and Vultr. This takes away the hassle of having a technical expertise do it for you.

At Cloudways Managed Joomla Cloud Hosting there is a strong focus on customer success and providing superior hosting solutions to users around the globe. Joomla Hosting at Cloudways is available in 1-Click, with a user-friendly interface and an economical price bracket.

Why Host Your Joomla on Cloudways?

1. Optimized Hosting Stack

Cloudways ThunderStack

Cloudways uses a unique ThunderStack technology that provides an optimal hosting environment for Joomla websites. Based on the powers of Varnish, Apache, MySQL, Nginx, Memcached, Redis (optional) along with PHP-FPM, the hosting stack at Cloudways manages to provide superior Joomla cloud hosting to all Joomla websites.

2. 99.99% Website Uptime

Joomla websites hosted on Cloudways are up for almost 100% of the time.

3. Real-Time Assistant

Cloudways is one of the first in the Managed Cloud Hosting industry that provides a real-time assistant, CloudwaysBot, for server updates and notifications. Learn more about it here.

4. FREE Migration and SSL Certificate

Cloudways cares for its customers. Our cloud experts are equipped with the right expertise to help you migrate your Joomla website for FREE. Furthermore, to keep your website secure, we have partnered with Let’s Encrypt to provide FREE SSL Certificates. This is in addition to the tons of features that are built-in the Cloudways Platform.

5. 24/7 Support

Cloudways Customer Success team is available round the clock to help and assist you with any issue that you may have related to your hosting. You can either open a support ticket or contact the Customer Success team via Live Chat.

Ready to Host With Cloudways?

Cloudways Managed Hosting is easy to get started with. You just have to Sign Up on the website, choose Joomla from the drop-down menu, choose your Cloud provider, your server size, location and you are done. Simple, isn’t it? That is the idea behind Cloudways. We want to make Cloud Hosting accessible for everyone.

Special Bonus for JoomlaShine readers!

Host your Joomla Cloud on Cloudways and get a $30 FREE CREDIT. Here is what you have to do to avail the credit:

  1. Sign Up on Cloudways and click on the "Promo?" link to insert promo code.
  2. Authorize your details.
  3. Upgrade your account to full
  4. Enjoy Your FREE CREDIT!

Please note, in order to avail the credit, you need to launch a 1GB or higher server. And the code will be effective until 30th September, 2016 only

So don’t let the FREE credit slip away - it is a limited time offer. Launch your Managed Joomla Cloud now, focus on marketing your business and let Cloudways take care of the server management hassles for you.

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