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[Big Change] Package + JSN PageBuilder 3 - Save up to 85% with a new pricing plan


This month, we have a wonderful new for you. 

Starting from today - August 06, 2019, all of our package plan and JSN PageBuilder 3 will help you save much more than before, up to 85%. And this change is PERMANENT.

As you know, we recently have changed our business model from Freemium products to only premium products with Lite version (plus trial option). With the new change, we have the opportunity to focus solely on our premium and loyalty users, to see that many customers want to have more affordable options for approaching our products. 

Therefore, we had a major review on our pricing plan and decided that the old pricing table is not fit to the current state of both Joomla and JoomlaShine. This led to a significant change in our Package and JSN PageBuilder 3 pricing plan.

You can see the new pricing table here: 

New Package Plan

New JSN PageBuilder 3 Plan

We hope with this change, we have brought great benefit and value for both JoomlaShine's customer and Joomla users all over the world. 

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