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Change your image logo easily on Joomla template


Starting the customization template for a client you have to face to the familiar task: changing the template logo with the client's. In this blog post I'll show you how this process is simplified with JoomlaShine template.

Replacing the logo with a typical template

In general, you have to upload the logo to the template's folder then configure the logo parameters via the template settings like the image below. You can see that there are always two parameters available for configuring the width and height of a logo image file. In this typical situation you have to know the size of the logo file. For uploading the logo you have to use the Media Manager in Joomla! Administration or upload it via FTP client.


JoomlaShine Template and the logo

To simplify the logo replacing process, our developers re-designed the flow of work. In this flow you don't need to know the size of the logo because the template automatically detects it. Thus, we eliminated those parameters from the template settings making user interface simpler. Below, you can see the screen shot of Logo Settings.


The next task that our developers had to solve is how to upload and choose the logo file. This function has been integrated into the template settings via the parameter Logo File. Click on the button Select and the modal window will be opened with the interface for uploading and choosing the logo file. It's really convenient when you can upload and choose a logo in one place.

In the situation if your client's website doesn't need a logo you can eliminate the default template logo with the Clear button


Linking the logo and optimizing it for search engines.


So, the logo has been uploaded to your website. You might want to link the logo to a Home or other pages of the website. It's a common practice on the web when clicking on the logo that the visitor is redirected to a home page: well known user behavior. However, you might not want the visitor to visit other pages. Click on the logo, so you can disable the link. The parameter Logo Link controls the link of logo.

Optimization of the website for search engines is a daily routine task when building a new website. To assist you in this work the parameter Logo Slogan was created. You type the targeted phrase then the crawling bot detects it easily.

Some words about the Colored logo

In our practice we have received several requests about the possibility to use a unique logo image for template color themes. Now, you can do it with the parameter Enable Colored Logo. Just enable this and you will see how the magic works.


The image logo file that you need to replace is located in the appropriate folder of template color. You use the FTP client for doing this work.


In summary, the logo is the first place to start when you do a customization template for your client. JoomlaShine developers took the best practice in web application development and simplified this process. The mechanism is applied to all JoomlaShine templates including JSN Epic, JSN Dome, JSN Tendo and others Joomla templates. If you have any thoughts feel free to share them.

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