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Count down for the First release of JSN PowerAdmin PRO

Since we introduced JSN PowerAdmin to Joomla community as a solution that simplifies the usability of Joomla admin panel, the extension is always the most download product and get 100% best score on Joomla Extension Directory. It means that JSN PowerAdmin is really a helpful tool for Joomla users to manage websites and bring a better User Experience to Joomla backend.
From many compliments and encouragements of Joomla users for JSN PowerAdmin, we decide to move on with a revolutionary edition JSN PowerAdmin PRO, which will be released in next few weeks with many news features and improvements.

The under development features are:

  • Boost up performance by using React JS technology
  • Structure View in Site Manager to show layout with actual structure
  • Backend Menu Management allows user to group and set permission for Backend menu

Some more future features:

  • Quick Assign template for menu items in Tree menu view.
  • Extension PowerPack bring support for most popular Joomla extension
  • Advanced Templates management
  • Administration Dashboard for Super User
  • And more...

These features will be implemented one by one in JSN PowerAdmin PRO, and we’re open to hearing from all Joomla Users for any suggestions to improve this product.

We believe JSN PowerAdmin PRO will be an essential enhancement to Joomla Administration task and help Joomla Administrator save a lot of time to complete their works.
Please help us to build this product by giving your comments about the features that should be included in JSN PowerAdmin PRO or any improvements for our planned features

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Is this extension available? I don't see the download link.

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It was released under another name, JSN PowerAdmin 2, you can download and give it a try here

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