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Crazy Egg - Understanding your customer better

Crazy Egg - Understanding your customer better

Nowadays, along with the development of the Internet and websites, people always care about how to improve effectiveness in their website operation. They want it to be customized so that it is not only beautiful looking but also attractive to visitors. Besides using some premium-quality templates and extensions for Joomla websites, you will need to consider another tool which gives you better customer's insights. Crazy Egg is a useful tool to help you understanding better your customers’ behaviour, and from that, you can improve your business. Please keep reading to see what benefits I found in Crazy Egg.

What is Crazy Egg?

Crazy Egg is an online application that provides you with eye-tracking tools such as Heat map, Scroll map, Overlay, and Confetti to track a website’s operation. This helps you to understand your customers’ interests so you can boost the profit from your website.

There are both small businesses and big brands such as eBay, Dell, Hilton, Yahoo, Intel, who are using Crazy Egg. It also gets compliments from customers, for example:

“I have used many analytics tools in my career, but Crazy Egg is pushing the envelope. If you want to understand consumer behaviour on your web site in an effort to increase conversions and engagement, Crazy Egg is the tool to use,” said Intel guy.

crazy egg website
Crazy Egg website

What benefits does it give you?

Advanced Features

Crazy Egg’s Tools

Crazy Egg's sharp and visual tools help you discover hidden profits based on visitors’ activities, here are they

  • Heat map - A picture of where people clicked on your site. This lets you see what’s hot and what's not, so you can make changes that increase conversions.
  • Scroll map - The scroll map shows how far down the page people are scrolling and helps determine where visitors abandon the page.
  • Overlay - When you look at the overlay report, you’ll be able to see the number of clicks on each element of your page.
  • Confetti - With confetti, you will be able to distinguish all the clicks you get on your site segmented by referral sources, search terms & more.

Once you become a Crazy Egg customer, you will be provided with an account where you can control and track anything you want using these tools. For example, on the dashboard page, you can get started tracking your pages by adding new snapshots.



create new snapshot
Create a new snapshot

A snapshot is a page which will be tracked, and then you can view the result of visitor activity on this page using different tools like a heat map, scroll map, etc. When creating a snapshot, you can select a lot of advanced options; for instance, you can select the device-type to monitor: desktop, phone and tablet, you can decide the expiration date and schedule when the tracking starts, and more interestingly, there are 4 detailed options: Customize URL tracking, Use a wild card, Use a regular expression and Track by name. If you tick the box to choose one of these options, detailed guidelines will appear explaining clearly about the option.

advanced options
Advanced Options

Now you can view the result of activity on these pages that you created a snapshot for. You can see some images below:

heat map
Heat map

acroll map
Scroll map


If you need to save or share some snapshots, you can export these very easily; you just need to click on the snapshot and choose the action Export this snapshot and then all the relevant materials will be sent to your email address. You can review what you exported in Exported Snapshots. It’s great!

export snapshot
Export snapshot

A very important feature that might distinguish Crazy Egg from other web-analytics software providers is the ability to track data on mobiles. When viewing the result, you can click “Compare Mobile vs Desktop” to see the result on mobiles. This is a really useful tool, especially now we’re living in the age of smartphones.

mobile tracking
Mobile tracking

Competitive Price and Risk-Free Trial

Selecting the best suitable software such as Google Analytics, Clicktale or Crazy Egg is up to you. You might like one more than the others for different reasons. Crazy Egg is quite new to you, but it provides enough for what you need at a very competitive price. For example, Crazy Egg starts at $9 per month and you get to track 10,000 visits. This means using Crazy Egg you get to track a whopping 1,111 visitors for every dollar you spend, in comparison with Clicktale you only get to track 202 visitors.

Moreover, Crazy Egg offers you a free 30-day trial for all plans, so during this time, you can test if Crazy Egg is useful for you and then decide whether to buy it or not. You can use the tools they provide, watch video tutorials, learn from examples, and call the support team, but if you can’t increase your website’s conversion rate or revenues over the next 30 days, they will send you a prompt refund without any questions.

Why JoomlaShine’s customers?

JoomlaShine’s customers are very diversified, they design different websites in various fields, and Crazy Egg has experience in serving all these different kinds. Our customers might find it useful with their current or future websites; for instance on tourism-related sites, in order to test button clicks, positions and layouts, or a business faculty website using Crazy Egg to see where people are "hanging out" on the main landing page.

We know our customers also need a tool like Crazy Egg because they not only want to build beautiful websites with JoomlaShine templates but also want to make it more profitable.

JoomlaShine has a lot of partnerships with Joomla extension providers and Joomla services, now thanks to the partnership between JoomlaShine and Crazy Egg, they are giving a unique benefit for JoomlaShine customers only. If you’re a customer of JoomlaShine, you will receive a 90-day trial instead of a 30-day trial. Yes, 3 times more. This favour is provided especially for JoomlaShine customers. You will need to login to the Customer Area and go to the Partners Discount page to get the code.

90 day trial
90-day trial for JoomlaShine customers

We hope that Crazy Egg will work for your websites. If you’ve never tried it before, there is no reason for you to ignore that chance. If you try it, could you please share your comments with us? We appreciate it!


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