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Creating an Engaging User Experience for your travel site with JSN Levart

Creating an Engaging User Experience for your travel site with JSN Levart


Summer, the travel season is coming!

For this summer, JoomlaShine has released a new Joomla template - JSN Levart to rock your travel website. JSN Levart is a perfect choice of Joomla travel template for professional booking tour and hotel websites. Our template has it all to be an extraordinary travel Joomla template: an eye-pleasing design, many niche-specific features and a series of customization options.

But that’s not all.  JSN Levart is built with strong user experience in mind. Improving Joomla User Experience (JUX) is an integral part in the process of producing JSN Levart.

Let’s take a closer look at the best features of JUX in JSN Levart, shall we?


Usability is the first and the most essential factor that JSN Levart brings to both developer and end users of your travel website.

For website administration, JSN Levart helps you effortlessly take full control of your travel site in minimal time. From the start, it is easy to you by installing sample data or using quickstart package. After that, comprehensive documentation equipped in JSN Levart will help you complete your website with best utilization.

Besides, travel website is a content-heavy site requiring a series of informative and user-friendly content. JSN PageBuilder extension included in JSN Levart will handle this perfectly by helping you build and manage pages in the simplest way. Just drag and drop suitable elements, construct content visually without any lines of code.

Sample Data Quickstart JoomlaShine

In its front end, JSN Levart is designed with careful attention to the smallest details and niche-specific features. This makes great first time impression for anyone visiting your website. Plus, all actions of your site’s visitors can’t  be more simple. Referencing all destinations and hotels, placing a booking takes no effort. Each transparent button is well constructed and all functions run perfectly, that is why JSN Levart helps your customers meet the exact needs, with no fuss or bother.

Also, the clarity of JSN Levart interface contributes to the usability of end users. From the simplicity of the layout, the familiarity that JSN Levart brings to all visitors to a consistent experience acrossing entire website, all keep your visitor’s mind at ease.

Front end JSN Levart


In its design, JSN Levart uses visual aesthetics in the right way, brings a clean, and pleasurable feeling to all visitors and catch their attention. Along with this is the smart information structure covered by user-friendly, well-organized content. This helps your website easy to understand.

From the homepage, JSN Levart strikes the first impression to all visitors by a full-width travel-inspired slider powered by JSN EasySlider. This slider contributes to an appealing user interface of JSN Levart and fulfills  your user’s desire  of travel . The user flow continues with choosing destination and booking action. While JSN ImageShow presents best spots with vivid images in a well-arranged layout, the built-in Solidres and JSN Uniform help JSN Levart offer a beyond-pleasant booking experience by an intuitive reservation system.

Also, featured blog and social network integrated in JSN Levart create a source of interesting and useful information for your users to reference before making a purchase decision. Scrolling to the end of homepage, there’s even a lively travel-oriented video which easily get your users immersed.

Like homepage, the other pages of JSN Levart also have well-structured content and eye-pleasing visual aesthetics. All pages of JSN Levart are made to add up an engaging user experience.


JSN Levart can’t create a great user experience without its power behind the scenes. Compatible with Joomla 3.5 which supports PHP7, JSN Levart helps your site run faster and be able to serve more concurrent users.

About features and functions, JSN Levart will make your customers satisfied with every minor detail. Intuitive booking system along with user ratings and reviews for custom hotels and destinations delivers a delightful booking experience to all your visitors. Contact form and subscription form makes it easy for your visitors to contact you or leave a message.

Furthermore, a seamless mega menu shows all menu options in one large panel. Therefore, no matter where the visitors are, they can easily reach most pages. Additionally, being fully responsive, JSN Levart provides an optimal viewing experience no matter which device your visitors use. All function runs perfectly and your site visitors cans travel smoothly through your site without any stumble.



Knowing exactly what and how users want to explore on your site and then bringing them a delightful experience through the entire process is what JSN Levart can do.

Make JSN Levart yours to explore all the awesomeness above and its smooth user experience!  Get it here now!



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