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Five Tips for Supercharging Your Joomla Business

Five Tips for Supercharging Your Joomla Business


Unless you are on top of the marketing world, there’s a good chance that you have not herd of inbound marketing and don’t know the power it has to drive traffic and leads to your business. Additionally, it can be really easy to get caught up in the day to day of Joomla web design and development and let your marketing strategy fall by the wayside. Whatever the case, in this blog we will examine some of the key inbound marketing tips that will help you build your Joomla business.


Joomla business marketing tips


Tip 1: Powerful Call to Actions (CTA)

A call to action is some sort of graphic or text which encourages the visitor to click and move on to the next step. Each CTA should be targeted towards a specific user and speak directly to them on how your product or service solves a problem they have. The text should be actionable and powerful and geared towards them taking the visitor to the next step of the process. Place your call to actions in highly visible areas of your website, almost as if they are a banner ad.


Additionally, it’s extremely important that you have a good mix of different CTA’s which speak to people at all different levels of the buying process from visitors who are simply researching for information to visitors who are ready to convert into a sale. Having a wide range of CTA’s and offers is a great way to maximize visitor to lead conversions on your website.

With any of your call to actions make sure that you perform A/B testing on them to help refine and improve the successful CTA’s to maximize your click through rate. Create variations with different titles, colors/style, copy or speak to different customer needs and see how they perform against each other. Use this data to refine your CTA’s and over time, increase your conversion rates.

Tip 2: Create Educational Content

Sales materials are important for those visitors who are entering the bottom part of your sales funnel, however, it’s critical that you have additional materials you can over all the other visitors who are not quite ready to convert into a sale.


Take some time to create some premium educational offers which can be downloaded on your website and will educate your customers about the specific Joomla industry you operate in and the products and services you offer. The more educated a customer is, the more qualified they are because they will understand what Joomla is and why it’s such an amazing platform.

Additionally, hosting a quality blog with targeted topics on your website is an amazing way to drive traffic to your site. This blog should be strictly educational and informative with a little flair of industry news. Keep the sales pitches to a bare minimum and let your CTA’s convert the visitors coming to your blog.

Tip 3: Promote Content on Social Networks, Not Sales

You hear so much about using social networks to help market your business, however, many Joomla businesses have not found a way to successfully market their businesses on social networks.


Although they are important to offer on social networks, it’s important that you do not turn your facebook wall or twitter feed into a giant sales pitch. My own personal recommended formula for social media posts include:

  • 60% premium content, blogs or Joomla industry news
    A proven method of driving traffic to your website, promoting the different educational content offers and blogs you are creating is a great way to market on social media. Assuming that both the content you are creating and the audience you have on your social networks are targeted, there should be some good interest in the content your marketing on your social networks.
  • 20% Your company’s news or updates
    One of the main reason’s people follow a business’s social networks is to stay up to date with any new products, services or updates about the business itself. Take about 20% of your posts to help keep your audience up to date and show transparency in what’s going on behind your business’ walls.
  • 10% sales or promotional related posts
    Here is where you can post and sales or promotions your company is running to help convert bottom funnel customers.
  • 10% personal posts for brand building

Social media offers a great avenue for you to start building a brand personality with your client base. Make sure to post personalized posts which help establish this identity. This could be pictures from a vacation, videos of your staff party’s or pictures of your pets in funny clothing.

Tip 4: Lead Nurturing

When a visitor converts on an action they then become a lead. Actions could include filling out a form, downloading a piece of content or registering as a member to the website. No matter how they convert, it is extremely important that you do not stop engaging them.


Create a systematic way that you can continually engage users who have converted on your website with a goal of continuously moving them down the sales funnel. If they converted as a customer, than start nurturing them into some other product or service. Again, keep your lead nurturing efforts mainly educational with a small hint of sales in order to not annoy leads and to continue to provide value to them.

Tip 5: Test, Measure and Improve

In marketing it is critical to test and measure everything you do in order to gauge what is working and what is not working. This will allow you to make adaptations and adjustments to help improve your marketing efforts and yield higher results.


Too many business owners and marketers skip over this step of the process and as a result end up spending way more time and energy on activities which are not converting visitors into leads or leads into customers. Trust me, it is well worth the extra time to setup tracking and monitoring the results of your marketing efforts. In the long run, it will save you a great deal of time, money and will help increase your conversion rates.

Creating a successful marketing plan for your Joomla business is not an overnight process and should be dynamic and always adapting. In this article we outlined only a few of the key marketing tips to keep in mind when planning your marketing strategy for your Joomla business. If you’d like to learn more about what elements are key to a successful marketing plan, a great resource is the free ebook: “The Essential Guide to Inbound Marketing & SEO”. Additionally, there's an article I wrote on Joomla Community Magazine that has additional information for how to create an inbound marketing strategy for Joomla developers, "The Ultimate Inbound Marketing Strategy for Joomla Developers".

I’d encourage you to post any comments or questions and I will be happy to respond.

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