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Get rewards from writing Joomla articles - Why not?

Get rewards from writing Joomla articles - Why not?

You love Joomla? You have Joomla skills and you love to share? Did you know that you can get paid for writing? Yes, I know what I am talking about and you didn’t hear me wrong. There are some online sources that will reward you for each article you write. In most cases, you can get money. Really great, right? Let me tell you about these pages.

1. InstantShift

InstantShift - Earn money by writing Joomla article

You might know InstantShift as a popular web to submit guestblogs related to web design and web development. There are many articles related to Joomla there such as Top 10 Joomla 3.0 templates for users or 9 ways to make money with Joomla. But you might not know that InstantShift agrees to pay their writers. The money depends on the quality and the volume of the content.  And you can discuss with them to decide how much your article is worth.

This source is suitable for any Joomla user, even a Joomla newbie.

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2. Smashing Magazine

Smashing magazine - Earn money by writing Joomla article

Smashing Magazine is very familiar to you, right? Here is great place for you to share your knowledge about coding, design and user experience. There are only a few articles related to Joomla here so take your chance now. Express your skill and impress their visitors with your posts. Smashing Magazine pays for every author and the price of each article depends on the length and the quality of it.

This source is suitable for Joomla developers or Joomla designers. You  should have been working for a long time with Joomla to deliver the really high quality blog post.

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3. Tuts+

Tutsplus - Earn money by writing Joomla article

Tutsplus is one of the most famous sites for free tutorials related to technology.  You can find here some useful Joomla tutorials such as How to Convert a Widget into a Joomla Module. In the past, Tutsplus agreed to pay $100+ for a quick tip tutorial and $250 for a regular article. But now they changed to pay you if you join the teach team or pay you per tutorial. You can also prove to them that you have high education and you can earn much more if your article is really worth it.

This source is suitable for advanced Joomla users who are expert in code and design.

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4. Hubpages

Hubpages - Earn money by writing Joomla articles

Hubpages might be the most popular in this list. You can write anything on Hubpages: The 10 best free and popular Joomla 2.5 extensions, Joomla Module Position Tutorial. Ads will be placed in your articles and you will get paid when visitors see your ads. Well, this site doesn’t pay you directly for your article but it’s easier to publish your content.

This source is suitable for any Joomla user even a Joomla newbie. No need to become an expert to start writing. You can start at any time and still earn money day by day.

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5. JoomlaShine knowledge portal

JoomlaShine knowledge portal - Get reward by writing Joomla articles

This is the only source that’s exclusively for the Joomla community.  Become an online author at Joomlashine knowledge portal, and you can bring your Joomla knowledge directly to Joomla users and also get rewards from the JoomlaShine team.  Get 3 articles published and you can get 1 template PRO standard for free.  It’s a big chance for every Joomla user to save money on purchasing templates, right?

This source is suitable for any Joomla user even a Joomla newbie.

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I hope you will find the most suitable one for you. Have you ever had an experience with any of them? Do you have another website to earn rewards from writing Joomla article? Let’s share it with everyone here!

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