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[Google Analytics tutorials] Detailed guideline to improve traffic to Joomla site


Which tools are you using to track the traffic of your Joomla website? I believe that most of you will answer: Google Analytics. - the most important tool for monitoring your SEO results.

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Google Analytics is very popular with any person who wants to control the traffic of your website. You can see many articles, which recommend using or share the benefit as well as things you can do with Google Analytics.

But Google Analytics provides you a wide range of reports, how to find the one that you need, how to read the data report, how to combine the data and make them work for your business?

I found those problems in many Joomla businesses, which urges me to share with you the step-by-step guide to improve the traffic. Hereafter are 03 ways for your reference:

Improve traffic from sources you are losing

When you create the report to compare the previous period and the current one, you should pay attention to the source that you are losing traffic. There are 3 reasons why you should care about those sources:

  • It brings you traffic
  • You understand the quality of this traffic source
  • Action can be taken to increase more traffic

By inspecting what you have done with those sources of traffic, you can get some possible reasons for the decline. Now, I will guide you how to find these sources.

1. Go Acquisition --> All traffic --> Source/Medium

2. Use the “Compare to” box to enable comparison function.

  • Select 02 time ranges to compare.

3. After selecting the time range, you will see the report with changes in percentage and value under each source,

  • Filter your data with user criteria. So you can see which source/medium bring the most users to your site and to see whether its change or not.
  • Set “Show row” at the bottom right of your screen to 50 to see more data.

From there, you can evaluate the change from each source/medium to decide your next action.

If it increases, good. However, if it decreases significantly then maybe you need to see the reason behind and make a plan to bring back the users.

Improve traffic quality from AdWords campaign

If you run Adwords campaign to increase traffic and transaction, Google Analytics can help you check the quality of this campaign.

You can assess the effectiveness of the campaign via some kinds of statistics, such as Bounce Rate, Pages/Session and eCommerce statistics. Google Analytics and Google Webmaster should be linked together. Here is the detailed instruction from Google team.

1. After linking 2 accounts together, check the report at Acquisition --> Google Ads--> Campaigns

For example, in this case, 2 campaigns with the same CPC but one campaign got lower bounce rate and higher page/session, so we can invest more money on that campaign to get more high-quality clicks.

2. Another report you should check is Acquisition --> Google Ads --> Keywords

2 keywords have the same CPC but one keyword got higher pages/sessions and transactions as well, so we can invest more money in that keywords to get more high-quality clicks.

Improve traffic from search engine

Besides optimizing SEO for your Joomla site to improve traffic, you can use Google Analytics to support this. 

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From Google Analytics, you can see how many sessions you have from source google/organic in the Source/Medium report.

The big trouble that many businesses face with Google Analytics is the (not provided) in Keyword reporting. Google Analytics only shows you a few keywords bring you traffic, most of them are hidden as (not provided) & (not set).

About 97% of our sessions come from these types of keywords. Google webmaster can actually help you.  

1. Login to your Search Console, select your property.

  • You can find the report about search queries at Search Traffic --> Search Analytics.

2. Check all the boxes: Clicks, Impressions, CTR, and Positions.

These metrics can bring you the best view of your current status. You can see the connection between these value and define the plan for your project.

3. Select Compare date ranges --> Custom to see how your search analytics changes on the timeline.

4. This report can help you understand which keywords are the reason for your slumped traffic and which keywords you can be ranked higher to get more clicks.

Well, above are step-by-step instructions with the illustrated example included for you to easily follow. Hope that with these tips, you can quickly increase your traffic and boost your business to get more revenue.

Feel free to contact if you have any questions. And don’t forget to let me know if you have other ideas to increase traffics with Google analytics. Your ideas will help us a lot.

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