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GOZEN host chooses JSN Escape to build the official website


Welcome to another showcase of JoomlaShine products. In this blog post, we are featuring GOZEN host. GOZEN Host, operated since 2008, is an expert in developing applications and infrastructures for high scalability, web-focused business. The owner, Paschalakis Manos chooses JSN Escape to build the official website: http://www.gozenhost.com/.

Let’s discover what he thought about JSN Escape:


We use Joomla 3.2.x for our website as we believe it's one solid and stable version of Joomla with lots of new features that make Site Administration easy and at the same time secure.

JSN Escape showcase

GOZEN Host website: http://www.gozenhost.com/

Your overall satisfaction about JoomlaShine service

Well we are a customer for quite a while so that answers your question, also since my native language is Greek i translate JoomlaShine products in Greek.

The reason why you choose JSN Escape

Error Free and if there's any kind of error it gets solved by your team quickly and with the most appropriate way, especially for us that we offer hosting and we manage our own servers it's easy to find out the PROs and CONs of a script and your scripts perform perfectly on our servers on any Joomla version since 1.5.x.

The best experience you had with our products

To be honest, so far there's not even one single component/module/plugin that I've tried to install using your products and face any kind of problems. The best experience I had when I used JSN Epic (i must say that it's still one of the best if not the best product you have)

Your opinion about the quality of our support

You could use some improvement on your forums, in fact I think it was better when you had VB as your main forum for support and maybe some more people getting involved helping. I had once used (if my memory serves) dedicated support and my experience was an 100% satisfaction.

We would like to thank Paschalakis for the time and opportunity to discuss about JoomlaShine product and how it works for you. Hope that this article will be helpful for other website developer. If you want to share your story, don’t hesitate to contact us. That encourages us much to move on.

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