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How to choose the right Joomla templates for your website

How to choose the right Joomla templates for your website


Are you searching for the best Joomla templates for your Joomla website? With thousands of Joomla templates out there, choosing the best one that fits your need might be a tough task. Plus, the template is what you’ll stay with for a long time, so you’d better choose carefully.

In this article, we will drill down on the most important points when considering a Joomla template. Read on to find out.

Choose a Joomla template based on your website type

When you search for a Joomla template, you should always keep in mind the type of website you’re going to build. This is an important aspect as many things directly depend on it, such as the template layout. The layout of the template will determine the positioning of the content and information on your website. Decide on what exactly you need: How do you want to position your content? Does it need to have a slider or where do you need the graphics, etc.?

how to choose the right joomla templates

For example, if you want to build a medical Joomla website, then a full-width image slider would not be as necessary as in a creative agency website profile. If you prefer to have a single page website then go for a Joomla template that does just that.
So, ask yourself these questions to find out the best fit for your website’s needs:

  • Which industry are you making website for? Education? E-commerce? Fashion? What are the main features of a website to show off your site niche’s characteristics?
  • What are the unique contents and items you need to display on homepage?
  • Will your site need e-commerce feature to sell things? From products to courses or event booking, etc.?
  • How often do your site’s content and features get updated?

Consider using Joomla templates from trusted template providers

There are many Joomla template providers out there and some of them have their name popular among the Joomla community. So, when looking for a good Joomla template, remember to check the author/provider’s profile too. You should stay with ones who have been in business for a long time and are reliable for not only code quality but also technical support.

how to choose the right joomla templates

JoomlaShine is proud to have been building +40 beautiful Joomla templates which are used and trusted by +400,000 Joomla users around the world. We also understand that despite how great the templates are, the users will still need a little assistance to utilize the templates to its best. Therefore, JoomlaShine provides you with fast and efficient support forum to help you anytime you need us.

Never choose an outdated template! Stay with the latest updated ones!

If you go for a template that got released in 2012 and has no new updates since 2013, you will drag yourself in troubles. As Joomla no longer supports older Joomla versions in terms of bug fixes and security, your website always has to use the latest Joomla version and your templates as well as extensions need to be updated with the latest Joomla release too. If not, you’re exposing yourself to the threats of security vulnerabilities which are much worse than a bugging or broken site.  

Also, don’t forget about using a responsive Joomla template so your Joomla website will display seamlessly across various devices. Search engines like Google and Bing give search priority to responsive and mobile ready websites.

Quick fact: people using their mobile to access websites more than any other devices nowadays.

Check the template’s speed

how to choose the right joomla templates

The performance of your website will depend on the speed with which your Joomla template loads. To check a Joomla template’s speed, you can visit the demo version of the template and test it with a reliable tool like Google Pagespeed Tool. Never settle to a slow template no matter how good it looks.

Should you pick a template with as many built-in features as possible? No.

A template which can do everything without needing an extension – Sounds great? Not at all. It’s just a Jack of all trades. Not to mention that such a template is very heavy and easily gets messed up when you need updates. You should go for a template with great flexibility rather than functionality.

How to tell if the Joomla template you want is flexible enough? Well, check this list out:

  • Are you able to adjust the template layout as you wish with comfort? Does the page layout like column, sidebar, modules…can be customized easily?
  • Does the template give you options to change its logo, color scheme or add CSS/custom code without hassle?
  • Does the template well support 3rd-party extensions?

If you pick a nice Joomla template with beautiful design and good flexibility, then you might only need one or two extension to create a website you want – for example, with the help of Joomla page builder, you have unlimited possibilities with site customization.

Should you pick free or premium Joomla templates?

how to choose the right joomla templates

With free Joomla templates, of course, you’ll save some bucks for your tight budget and have a good enough template (maybe) for your site’s appearance. However, that’s the only advantage of free products. Comparing to its weakness – like lack of updates, no or very little technical support from the provider, security issues, bad codes, limited flexibility, not very well-crafted design, etc. – using a free Joomla template is not a good choice.

In contrast, going for a premium Joomla template will cost you a certain amount at first but it brings you tons of benefits. Ad most importantly, the peace of mind. Buying a good premium Joomla template will help you easily build quality Joomla website. Plus, the quality of code, the commitment to regular update as well as support is way better than in free Joomla templates. What’s more? You have ONGOING support as well as updates for your purchased item.

To check if the premium template is really good or not, you can visit the provider’s forum to check their response rate. You can also look for customer’s reviews of the product. You can even try the template in days and claim your money back if not satisfied since most Joomla providers have money back guarantee for you.


The right Joomla template is the one that provides you with a seamless experience. It not only looks good but is also accommodating to updates and modifications. If you don’t want to wander in the woods for technical issues or security breach, you need to choose your Joomla template carefully.

Hope that with this article, it helps you make the right and the best choice for your website.

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