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[JUX Board] How to improve Joomla navigation for better user experience

[JUX Board] How to improve Joomla navigation for better user experience


A good website’s navigation is one of the key factors that keep visitors continue browsing your website.If your Joomla website has a chaotic navigation, it will leave your visitors in great confusion – like they are left in a strange land without any map to guide them to the right destination.

Now let’s sit down and have a small discussion about how you can improve your Joomla website’s navigation better!

Menu structure

Yes we need to talk about menu structure first.

Menu plays an important role in letting people know where they are and what they might want to find (as well as what you want them to find). A good menu structure has clearly defined categories, and they need to be simple with main content only. Don’t stuff everything you have in your website in your website’s menu.

Less important parts of your website, if you want to show them, you can consider utilizing the small list at the footer of your website. Overcrowding the menu is bad – whether it is a horizontal or vertical sidebar menu. Not to mention that it’s unnecessary to do that since your visitor’s brain can’t remember more than 6 things at the same time anyway (psychology stuff here).

When you have too many items to show (and they are necessary), you can create a mega menu for it. If you are using JSN templates, you’ll have a built-in mega menu. It allows you to display contents you want – articles, modules, multimedia, etc. on your menu without too much work to do. You just need to drag and drop items you want to organize your menu.

JoomlaShine mega menu

Plus, there are different columns, pre-defined column layouts, menu elements which are taken from Joomla modules, submenu and positions for you to freely create the menu you want.

In case you want a mega menu extension to support your website, you can visit JED and search for your desired menu up there!


In my opinion, having pagination display is better than a never-ending loading of your current items. Pagination helps you arrange your site content in a chronological order to make it easier for visitors to follow up your latest updates.

Now, here are a few tips for friendly pagination.

  • Increase your page pagination’s size or else it will result in too many mis-clicks which annoys users
  • Make larger clickable area for pagination
  • Provide “First” and “Last” option in pagination bar
  • Use color and style to distinguish the page users are on

In Joomla, you can set up pagination for your website in Menu/Main Menus/Your item which you want to set up pagination. You can even override the current Joomla’s pagination with this useful guide.

Site search

Search bar is important when users want to instantly look up for something they want. When they process an in-site search, there must be relevant results to show.

When creating the search bar on your Joomla site, remember to make it easy to spot out, appear on the same position for each page and display with advanced search option.  

I’m sorry to say this but Joomla’s default search function sucks. I would recommend you to go to JED and find some good Joomla search extensions here to use if you want your visitors to have a better comprehensive and exact search result each time they type in the search bar and hit Search.

Did I miss anything?

Above are my suggestions for a user friendly Joomla website’s navigation. Hope it helps you to make a smooth user experience and help your site friendlier to browse.

Do you have other tips regarding Joomla navigation? Please comment below and let’s discuss!

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