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How to migrate from JSN EasySlider 1.x to 2.x

How to migrate from JSN EasySlider 1.x to 2.x


JSN EasySlider 2.0 has landed with a wave of new changes. You’re really close to a wowing smooth Joomla slideshow that JSN EasySlider brings you. So, let’s jump into upgrading this new generation to your website!

Basically the update process can be done as normal. But why do you need this guide? We’re just perfectionist in 100% ensuring that you can use this 2.x version without any trouble right from the upgrading steps so we list out here the migration guideline.

Plus, the fact that JSN EasySlider 2.x has many big changes and differences from the 1.x one, so you might need this guide in case you misdo something with migrating the new version.

If you still find yourself stumble on anything regarding using JSN EasySlider, just head over our support forum. We’re always there to help!

Step 1: Update JSN EasySlider

From your JSN EasySlider dashboard in Joomla admin, you can see update notice like this:

how to migrate to jsn easyslider 2x step 1

Click “Update now”, you’ll process to new version like usual.

Step 2: Choose to Install JSN EasySlider 2.x package

When running the installation, it will ask you to where or not agree to upgrade to new version and clarifies further what you’ll get after installation:

how to migrate to jsn easyslider 2x step 2

During upgrade process, all existing sliders’ data will be automatically backed up. Plus, a download link to this backup is provided. You should download this file to your local in case you want to restore and continue using the previous version of your sliders.

Step 3: Review all your sliders

Once finish upgrading, it is required that you should go through every single slider to check if they’re all displayed correctly as well as work properly on front-end. Plus, from now you can enjoy the new features of this new version.

Don’t forget to tell us your thoughts on JSN EasySlider 2.x too. We’d love to hear your feedback to improve this extension for the better (for you, of course). Or if you need assistance, just post your questions in our support forum.


Now, this is not supposed to happen but in case anything goes wrong, or for some reasons you want to revert to your previous version (this is not recommended though because version 1.x will not be supported anymore), please do the following:

  • Make sure you have backup file downloaded to your local then go to Extensions -> Manage and uninstall JSN EasySlider.
  • Install JSN EasySlider (the old version you want) and then go to Data section in Configuration page of this extension to restore backup. Done.

If you happen to forget to download the backup file during upgrade process, you can find this file in the “/tmp” folder in your Joomla folder.

Et voilà!

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