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How to sell Joomla to your customers

How to sell Joomla to your customers

The first thing that everyone asks themselves when creating a website is, “what CMS do I go for”? If they are aware of the technicalities involved, they'll be able to answer that question easily. And if they aren't they'll head off to a good web design firm to help them. 

So as a web design firm, how do you get customers to choose the right platform? There are different ways to advising your clients on the kind of CMS they should choose. There are also different approaches to the ways you advise an SME and a big organization to choose the right CMS

Here's how you get a customer to choose the right CMS.

Focus on Website visuals

A lot of your clients may not be aware of the kind of technicalities involved in choosing the right CMS. So don't bring up the subject with them. Instead, focus on showing them what their website will look like. Your customers will understand visuals better than the technical details.

Show them the kind of layout options they have at their disposal, the kind of animations they can add to make it more attractive and interactive. Help them understand that an attractive website helps in enhancing their brand's value.

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Demonstrate a competitor analysis

Another way to get your client to understand which CMS to go for is by analyzing his competitor's website. Your executives can show your clients what their competitors are doing on their website. Give your customers an overview of their competitor's website, and show them elements that need improvement. You can tell your client just how you can help them resolve these issues when you choose the suggested CMS.

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How to sell Joomla to client

Target the right information at the right executives

If your client is a big organization, you'll have to work with a lot of different executives from different departments. Each executive will have different decision criteria to select the CMS. This means your proposal should address at least most of the frustration points of each person you're dealing with.

For example, on the technicalities of the suggested CMS, a marketing manager will be more concerned with how the website can help improve brand presence, whereas a CEO/CFO will be concerned with the pricing aspects.

Joomla! as the right CMS

So when you've got to make a proposal that convinces your client, you also need to make sure that the CMS you suggest can deliver what's promised. You've promised your customers a beautiful sophisticated website that stands apart from their competitors. You've also promised each executive that the website is robust, cost-effective and can help create an online presence. So which CMS delivers all of this? JOOMLA! Of course.

With Joomla, you can manage a large website that is secure, robust and cost-effective. Its biggest selling point, of course, is the variety of Joomla templates and Joomla extensions that make the website visually appealing and extremely functional. A beautiful website that is clear about the services offered can help create a strong brand presence. You need to break down these elements to your customer to help him understand why Joomla is the right choice.

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