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How to test JoomlaShine's templates before purchasing?


The JoomlaShine team understands that it's not easy for you to decide whether to buy a product or not, since you have a million questions in mind about how exactly a template works. Therefore, we spend time on building a "Demo Builder", which will help you test all templates easily.

What you get from the DEMO BUILDER?

  • You have a chance to try before buying
  • You can enjoy full features of the Pro Editions
  • You can access the back-end of the demo builder and do anything you want. You are also free to edit content and graphics of the Demo site.
  • The Demo is available for 10 days.

You do not have to pay for anything to try this. Scroll down and discover!

Getting started with Demo Builder

From now on, in the demo site for each JoomlaShine template, you can see a tab "BUILD YOUR DEMO" on the left side. When you click on it, a small tab "build your own template demo website" appears. Here we start the journey!

Below are instructions:

  • Website Subdomain: You fill a name you like, for example: "alex". Then it will look like:
  • Your email: Please use your correct e-mail address because you will receive information from JoomlaShine at the address you register.
  • JoomlaShine Template: You choose the JoomlaShine template that you want to play with.
  • You type the captcha to prevent spammers.
  • Click to the "Build the demo website" and finish.

Demo Builder

After that, you will be provided with an account - a username and password - to access the administrator. Then, you can play with the Demo we've created for you.

Account access to the back-end

You like it, right? Now it's your turn. Go to the demo site for any of JoomlaShine's templates and start your adventure:

JSN Epic
JSN Dome
JSN Tendo

JSN Teki
JSN Cube
JSN Gruve

JSN Pixel
JSN Decor
JSN Vintage

All upcoming Joomlashine templates come with Demo Builder as well. You just need to go to the template demo you want to test then follow instructions above.


FYI, We also have applied “Demo builder” in all extension demo websites for you to try our products. You just need to build the demo site and start to play with our extensions. The building demo process is the same with the template that I have just instructed you.

JSN ImageShowJSN UniFormJSN PowerAdmin

Please feel free to share with me your comments.

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