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Hunt the super huge Easter Egg now!

Hunt the super huge Easter Egg now!


Keep Calm! Easter is here and so is the discount season. Let’s celebrate Easter together, this time in a different way.

Techjoomla, Stackideas and JoomlaShine have joined hands to delight Joomla users with some amazing deals and surprises. Participate in the Egg Hunt to get best discounts. ;)

What’s the EGG HUNT?

Let’s go pointwise to make it easier to understand:

  • JoomlaShine, StackIdeas & TechJoomla, each of us gives you a 10% coupon code. They are hidden in our websites. Each coupon code has 5 characters. You can use that coupon code separatedly to buy any product from three of us at a 10% Discount.
  • But, if you combine these 3 codes follow this rule: Stackideas code + JoomlaShine code + Techjoomla Code, you will get a completely 15-characters coupon code with MASSIVE 30% DISCOUNT!!!This coupon code is available for any single product.

*Hint for you: Stackideas coupon code is here. We hide the coupon code in one of our best-seller Joomla template's detail pages ;) TechJoomla team hide the coupon code in one of their paid product pages .Let's check it out.

That’s not all! You also have a chance to get 100% coupon code

All the users who use the code to buy products at 30% OFF will be shortlisted for a lucky draw. The Lucky Draw winner will get a chance to choose 3 single product (one from every partner) of his choice which will be ABSOLUTELY FREE!!!

So, hop on over for fun. All these great things will expire after 28th March, hurry up!

Find the coupon code now!!!

Find on JoomlaShine Find on TechJoomla

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