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[Infographic] 7 reasons why you need to join a Joomla event now!

[Infographic] 7 reasons why you need to join a Joomla event now!

One thing that all developers from JoomlaShine really like about Joomla is its community. The people in Joomla community are not only very talented but also incredibly friendly, open-source-minded and dedicated.

That’s why, if you have the chance to meet such amazing people, go for it. And can you guess where you can meet them? Like, in a large crowd, breathing in and out the Joomla atmosphere with you?

That place must be a Joomla event – whether it is a local or international event.

Now, let’s see how a Joomla event can benefit your career and empower your Joomla spirit!

Joomla event infographic

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[Infographic] 7 reasons why you need to join a Joomla event now!

A friendly note

The biggest Joomla event of the year, Joomla World Conference 2016, is coming! So, what you should do after reading this article is fly to JWC 2016 website and book a ticket now!

I’m sure there are a lot more than just these 7 reasons to join a Joomla event. And tell me, personally, what are the reasons for you to attend a Joomla event?

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