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[INFOGRAPHIC] Zoom in a Joomler!

[INFOGRAPHIC] Zoom in a Joomler!


Guess who are using Joomla?


Guess who are making Joomla better?


Guess who are shaping the future of Joomla?


“Joomlers” is a common term among Joomla community to not only call people who are using Joomla, but also the amazing restless Joomla volunteers out there.

I believe that inside each Joomler is always the burning flame of Joomla spirit that gives them unbelievable strength to transform Joomla.

However, they are also human developers/designers living by building great websites.

Today, let’s have some fun zooming in a typical Joomler in our point of view. Well, we do have many things in a Joomler’s characteristics exaggerated – but let’s remember, this is made with some humor and a deep love for Joomla community :-) Hope you like it!

Joomla Infographic: Zoom in a Joomler

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Joomla Infographic: Zoom in a Joomler
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