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Introducing Joomla Hub: Perking up your Joomla! experience

Introducing Joomla Hub: Perking up your Joomla! experience


Dear Reader,

After a very long time of incubation and construction, we’re thrilled to be presenting you with Joomla Hub, the hub of Joomla resources for all Joomla users to engage more in Joomla community.

What is Joomla Hub?

Just like what its name is about, “Joomla Hub” is built to serve as the center of all useful Joomla resources for Joomlers. However, it won’t imitate the role of or exist to replace’s role.

We do want Joomla Hub to be the home of every Joomler, become where they turn to whenever they need to feed themselves with Joomla news, knowledge and inspiration. However, the approach of Joomla Hub is entirely focused on the benefits of Joomla users, instead of representing for a popular name like “Joomla” or a specific brand name (even when Joomla Hub is built under the name of JoomlaShine).

What does Joomla Hub bring you?

Joomla Hub helps you use Joomla with ease. You’ll find valuable content like must-go Joomla events where you can take a step further in learning Joomla within the community.

You’ll also find the picked up tips and tricks, from beginner to advanced Joomla tutorials, Joomla knowledge in visual for easier digest, etc. to make you master Joomla in a shorter time. You’ll be up-to-dated with the most effective ways to work with Joomla. Plus, you also have free (and great) Joomla tools each month to pump up your Joomla work efficiency.

Furthermore, we also spare some space for a relax room with funny things to help you throw out the stress after your hard work.

Joomla Hub helps you learn more from other Joomla warriors. No tips are more effective and real than practical tips given by Joomla gurus. Joomla Hub will build a bridge where you and Joomla experts can exchange tips to help you master Joomla just like how they do.

Joomla Hub nurtures the Joomla love inside you. With the inspiring Joomla journey shared by other Joomlers all around the world, plus the strong will of helping each other within Joomlers in the community, Joomla Hub is meant to be where your chemistry with Joomla community happens.

And with your growing love for Joomla, we hope to see you to become more proactive in supporting the community in return with your own will.

What is Joomla Hub for?

Our goal with Joomla Hub is to create a sustainable place for community building and a forum for Joomla updates, how-tos, useful Joomla tips and inspiring Joomler’s stories.

Joomla Hub is dedicated completely to the growth of Joomla ecosystem by nurturing both the knowledge and the love for Joomla. It operates on the Joomla spirit that sticks the community “as a whole” and pumps up the enthusiasm to contribute to a better Joomla community.

After all, the most unique thing about Joomla and its beating heart is its community, right? A platform that is head-over-heel by the community and for the community.

How can we get there with Joomla Hub?

Our aspiration for Joomla Hub is for it to become a resource that pushes Joomla users to insightful thoughts and gradually creates a stronger bond between Joomlers and Joomla community.

To reach that goal, at first we aim to boost the experience with Joomla for anyone working with it, by Joomla-made-easy knowledge, best tools to enhance the productivity with Joomla development, burden-lifting solutions, Joomla inspiring stories and relaxing laughs for Joomla users.

You can see these clearly in exactly what we are offering within Joomla Hub:

  • What’s New? – where all the latest news on Joomla release, event and other community updates will be digested.
  • Joomla Library with Joomla How-tos, Tips and Tricks, Fellow Recipe and User-friendly product reviews: to help Joomla become much easier for Joomla users
  • Joomla Giveaway – based on the goodwill of Joomla providers to assist Joomla users with the best Joomla tools, for FREE
  • Joomla Story – all the memorable moments with Joomla to be told and keep the Joomler spirit flaming
  • Fun Corner – good laughs for Joomlers after the brain-straining work

It’s a huge load of content – and more than that, valuable content – to deliver. And we will work our best to gear up Joomla Hub with a fierce and UNIQUE writing style as well as multiple-angle points of view. Each article published on Joomla Hub will be a refreshing piece with non-mainstream approach you won’t see anywhere else. We won’t avoid controversy either. And we’ll work our best on that.

In the near future, Joomla Hub will be calling for publication from you too – our readers – as our intention is to make Joomla Hub an engaging place of two-way communication as well as two-way content generation. Of course there will be “Author Rewards” for the best author every month – with good rewards waiting.


And don’t miss out our upcoming digests for Joomla. Everything is specially caked for us Joomla users.

With our arms wide open, we always welcome you to join us to contribute to a better Joomla community. Let’s hold hand and look forward to what’s to come!

We’d love to have your words on our launch of Joomla Hub! So please leave some comments below. Thanks a lot!

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