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J and Beyond – The family gathering and beyond!

J and Beyond – The family gathering and beyond!


There are no boundaries in the love for Joomla.

There are many different activities within the restless community of Joomla like JoomlaDay, JUG meetups, and the annual Joomla World Conference. Oh, not to mention countless of local meetings of Joomlers in all corners of the world.

And we have J and Beyond as one of the most exciting gatherings for Joomla developers and Joomlapreuners. It’s not just a gathering of Joomlers living around a local region. To me – and I bet it is the same for you – it’s more like the grand family reunion of Joomlers. Beside the helpful experience sharing speeches by speakers as usual, we have many more things to look forward to, like the J.O.S.C.A.R.S…

Hmmm, what else? Are you enjoying the moment at J and Beyond 2016 right now? What is your reason for rushing to join J and Beyond?

It would probably be like these…

A warm “How have you been doing?” welcome

Joomla and Beyond

Imagining yourself in the conference hall right now, saying “Hello” and shaking hands with the people you’ve never met in person before. But you probably have been knowing each other for ages in Joomla forum and other activities through your own laptop.

J and Beyond is meant to bring the community together, strengthen the relationships between Joomlers and create new ones for newcomers. No matter how familiar or experienced you are or what profile you have, when you’re at event like J and Beyond, you’ll feel like coming home and be warmly welcomed, surrounded by all the distant-by-geography but having-alike-mind Joomler relatives.

Overloaded exciting activities

Experience sharing? Keynotes? Professional speeches? High-level technical knowledge training? Well…

One of the unique flavors of J and Beyond is the J.O.S.C.A.R.S. and J-Factors which tributes and honors the best acts for Joomla development and Joomla community. Plus, it is also a very special talent show for Joomlers to express their hidden talent.

Just telling you about these makes me want to get up on my feet while imagining myself standing in front of the whole crowd of these shows already!

That’s not everything. Who are into the future of Joomla? Who want to make Joomla better? J and Beyond is made for these kind of discussion. It’s for Joomla users, but especially Joomla developers and Joomlapreuners – the top minds in the Joomla world after all.

Joomla and Beyond

So coming to J and Beyond, you’ll see a lot of thoughts put in the next improvements for Joomla, which could be exponentially a game-changing factor that benefits the community, and so on.

What’s more? You have “Make It Happen” sessions to work with others to make things done right at the event too. The best thing about Joomla, and J and Beyond specifically, is that if you need anything, you actually can do something to make it happen.

Feeling the beat of Joomler’s heart

Joomla community is a restless one.

Look at all the Joomla versions, how many lines of codes have been made? How many features have been added? How many bugs have got fixed? By how many active volunteers?

Non-stop Joomla learning and making Joomla better together is always the main atmosphere in any Joomla event. And J and Beyond is not an exception. Ease yourself into this strong-willed Joomla community and you’ll realize your heart beats the same way! Let’s Joomlafy the world!


Don’t skip J and Beyond, or any Joomla meeting, or activity, if you can.

You’ll gain so much than you thought! It’s not all about promoting Joomla but it’s about connecting people, showcasing talents and knowledge passing on.

I think for anyone with the Joomla heart beating inside, or just with an open source spirit, the best thing you can do for yourself is getting involved in the community. Especially Joomla which is completely made its form by its community.

Have you ever joined J and Beyond? Or any other Joomla events? What do you think about them? Tell us!

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