Joomla blog - What do you need to have a good one?

A lot of people want to create a Joomla blog. We know this because when we surf Joomla communities such as Joomla forum, we see questions such as "How do I blog with Joomla?" "Which extensions should I use for blogging?" and more.

We had the same questions when we started our Joomla blog about one year ago. Now, after blogging about 70 blog posts, we'd love to be here to share our experience with you guys.

The areas we are going to write about:

  • What is a blog?
  • Some good extensions for blogging
  • How do we build our blog with Easyblog?
  • Blogging resources

What is a blog?

The word "blog" is short for Weblog. In our opinion, there are 2 popular blog types - personal and business. The Personal blog is used to share your hobbies, daily life, etc. while the Business blog is to keep your website fresh and share informationwith your customers or potential audiences.

A blog should contain some of these essential elements:

  • Blog posts: Includes articles, videos, infographics, etc.
  • Categories: To organize blog posts neatly.
  • A comments system: It allows readers to share their opinions and allows you to connect with your readers.
  • Tags cloud: Shows keywords of your blog posts.
  • RSS feed: Allows people to update your blog and access your blog immediately.
  • Social media integration (Facebook, Twitter, Google+): To ensure your posts can be shared easily, to bring your blog more traffic.
  • Trackbacks or Pingpacks: To broaden the audience and introduce your blog to more people.


Joomlashine's blog

Some good extensions for blogging

These extensions are developed for blog purposes, so they will provide you with essential blog functions. Besides, they support Joomla 2.5. Cool, right?

Blog extensions

Free / Commercial

JED rating



joomla_blog EasyBlog


4.96/5 - 275 users

- Easy to use

- Good support

- Limited comment themes



4.95/5 - 19 users

- Easy to use

- Light and clean layout

- Not integrating trackbacks or pingpacks



3.93/5 - 14 users

- Easy to use

- Many features

- Commenting system and media manager are not available



4.45/5 - 29 users

- Automatically pings update-servers when you save an article

- Not working for the list of servers to ping contains a lot of records

BS Myjspace


4.35/5 - 17 users

- Allows your users to create personal page

- Users cannot customize their pages

Note: The icon joomla_blog indicates that EasyBlog is our chosen solution.

Besides these professional Joomla blog extensions, you can consider applying CCK (Content Creation Kit) extensions such as K2, Zoo, etc. to create a blog.

How do we blog with Easyblog?

Build an interface

Almost all functions to build a blog are provided in a neat interface. After installing EasyBlog there is no need search for tools.

We set up areas such as Tags Cloud, Search box, Categories and Popular blog posts on our blog. It is very simple to do with EasyBlog. If you still want to "blog" faster, there are tips to help you blog quickly. You can utilize "What's next" wizard on the right side that guides you through the setup.


The Easyblog control panel


Blog's functions on our blog

Create good content

Our main purpose is to create good blog content; therefore we spend a lot of time and effort to build the content. As you see, it has detailed blog posts with images, videos and infographics.

You may ask "what do we write about?" or "where we find our blog topics?"; Well, we write about Joomla & Website development tutorials for beginners. We pick our topics from our experience - what do we use, what do we need and from Joomla users needs as well. If there are more topics you want us to write about, you can drop us a line. We'd appreciate that.


A blog post with images

Schedule posts

You should schedule posts to make sure that your blog is updated frequently and you can take a look at the blog overview.

We use Google Calendar to note blog posts which will be published in upcoming 2 weeks.


Google Calendar

Communicate with your readers

Thanks to the comment system, you can get readers' feedback immediately. Do they like your blog post or not? Was your post helpful for them? Is there any out-of-date information or what things do readers want you to write more about?, etc.

The comment system should be convenient for people to use. There should also be a spam-prevention function. We use the default comment system of EasyBlog, but you can consider some other comment extensions. There are extensions that allow you to make comments from your Facebook or Twitter accounts.


Using commenting system effectively

Promote the blog

There are a lot of ways to help your readers keep track of your latest blog posts. Thanks to them, your blog will be helpful to more people.


Joomlashine on Twitter

  • Promote infographic: Infographic directories such as or Infographiclove
  • Promote video: Youtube channel
  • Utilize more extensions

    Besides Easyblog, we use some useful extensions such as sh404SEF to manage URL's, Find us on Facebook to link to social media sites, so readers can connect to us more easily. The content of this extension is updated automatically when we update news on Facebook so it keeps the blog content fresh.

    We also create another module to show our Social Profiles.




    Find us on Facebook

    Blogging resources

    You can refer to some sources below about blogging:


    There are many more tips and book about blogging with Joomla; this article has mentioned just a few of them. We hope that they are useful to you. If you have any questions or you want to introduce your new blog, just leave your comments here and tell us. We always welcome you!

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