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Joomla! deal for Christmas - Start your Year-end time with JoomlaShine Christmas Bundle


Christmas is coming and JoomlaShine have done the best for the preparation. The new decoration for official website especially for homepage would bring visitor the feeling of year-end holiday. And the last deal from JoomlaShine in 2017 to tribute all Joomla! sers who support JoomlaShine during the year is offering our Special Christmas Bundle. The bundle contains Pro subscriptions of JSN PageBuilder 3 and JoomlaShine template, that helps to save 40% cost to build a Joomla! website.

From 14/12/2017 to 23/12/2017, if you buy JSN PageBuilder 3 Pro Individual or Pro Developer subscription, you will get a Pro JoomlaShine template at the same subscription with the chosen JSN PageBuilder 3. The two products are included in JoomlaShine Christmas Bundle, to know more about the bundle, visit our Christmas page by click here.


JoomlaShine Christmas Bundle is designed to wrap up our successful 2017 with the upgrades of JSN PageBuilder to the third generation and all JoomlaShine templates to the second generation. This is great effort from JoomlaShine in improving product quality and it results in the better experience for both new and current JoomlaShine customers. Therefore, JoomlaShine Christmas Bundle is a good chance for all Joomla! users who haven’t get JSN PageBuilder 3 and need more high quality template for their Joomla! projects.


To know more about JSN PageBuilder 3, click here.

To know more about JoomlaShine Templates, click here.  

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