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Joomla Optimization: Consider Deploying a CDN


Page loading times on your website are important for a number of reasons. Not only can slow pages frustrate visitors and cost you conversions, but the search engines also take an interest in your page loading times, meaning slow-loading pages can affect your SEO. If you have a website running on Joomla, one option you might want to consider to improve your page loading times is to deploy a Content Delivery Network (CDN).

What is a CDN?

A CDN consists of a number of optimized servers located all over the world. These servers work together to distribute content, which includes downloadable objects, JavaScript files, applications and more. The basic principle is that when someone visits your website, their data comes from the server that is located nearest to them, significantly increasingly page load times wherever they are located in the world.

Why Use One?

There are a number of reasons why using a CDN for your Joomla website is a good idea. Faster page load times is the main reason to invest in a good CDN. When customers visit a website that performs badly and the pages take a long time to load, at best they will hit the back button and head to one of your competitors’ websites; at worse you could damage the reputation of your brand.

Slow loading web pages can hurt your conversions as well. Not only will fewer visitors hang around to make a conversion, but fewer visitors will find your website in the first place through the search engines. This is because search engines use page loading times as a factor in determining website rankings. If your website is slow, you can expect your rankings to suffer as a result.

Another benefit of using a CDN is that you will be better able to cope with an increased amount of traffic to your website. This is crucial if you are planning to grow your business and expect to receive large amounts of traffic in the future.

Three CDN Plugins for Joomla

If you run your website on Joomla, the best way to take advantage of a CDN is to download and install a relevant plugin. There are three main CDN plugins that you can currently choose from, and although these all work in slightly different ways, they all perform the same basic function.

1. CDN for Joomla - NoNumber

cdn for joomla


This is one of the main CDN plugins for Joomla, and it is developed by NoNumber. It offers easy integration with a range of CDN providers, including Amazon CloudFront, CloudCache, CDNetworks, CacheFly and more. You can choose from a free or professional version, and customer support is very good.

CDN for Joomla! on JED / Download – Buy

2. jomCDN – corePHP

JomCDN core PHP

This paid plug-in compiles assets automatically and then syncs them to Amazon’s servers. Image optimization is automatic, and they are optimized to a small size without any noticeable difference in quality. The browser caching function means your assets are cached when people view your website, so the next page loads instantly.

jomCDN on JED - Buy

3. JA Amazon S3 Component - JoomlArt

JA Amazon S3 Component - JoomlAr

Using this plugin you can upload your folder to the Amazon S3 (Amazon Simple Storage Service). Once you have uploaded your folder, the location path of the files is updated by the plugin. The files are then requested from Amazon S3 rather than the site folders, resulting in faster loading times for the visitor and reduced bandwidth and server load.

JA Amazon S3 on JED - Download

Choose the Right CDN Solution for Your Website

All of these CDN plugins for Joomla work slightly differently, so it is well worth researching them all further and visiting the individual plugin websites to help you decide which is the most suitable option for you. Once you have chosen a plugin and it is up and running, you will be able to start enjoying faster page load times, leading to a better experience for your visitors as well as better conversion rates and search engine rankings for you.

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