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[Joomla review] Top Joomla marketing extensions to boost online sale

[Joomla review] Top Joomla marketing extensions to boost online sale


If you are looking for a solution to take care of your customers, visitors followup and sales boosting, you’ve come to the right place ;) Here we will together take a look at 2 powerful Joomla marketing extensions which help improve online business income. Of course, these extensions are compatible with Joomla 3.x and very easy to use.

Before going into the details, I want you to know that we’re not going to talk about the best tools like email, social sharing tool or something that’s too specific like that. Instead, I’ll review the really amazing weapons that can increase your sales and help you get better customer relationship. So in short, this article is about sale funnel creators and customer relationship manager. Let’s dive right in!


Marketing Rocket – Sales & Marketing automation

For anyone who are tired of too much marketing stuff and don’t know what should do with it exactly, I highly recommend you to use Marketing Rocket. Marketing Rocket not only helps you to create sale funnel that suits your business perfectly but also manage and run all marketing tasks smoothly and automatically.


Marketing Rocket - Joomla marketing extensions


Honestly speaking, Marketing Rocket is not a huge system with a lot of marketing features. This software only focuses on the most important things that every marketer needs: Marketing funnel, Landing page creator, Email auto-responder and Report (simple but very helpful). So, with this tool, you can quickly see how customers convert for each step and what you need to improve.

The features that I love most in Marketing Rockets are visually marketing funnel creator and split testing landing page. These two features can be done with just clicks and drag-n-drop. When finish the settings, everything works like a charm.

However, you should notice that although Marketing Rocket is a great tool for conversion rate optimization, its effectiveness depends on how you use it. This product doesn’t give you step-by-step guideline to increase your sale. But thanks to the great support from Marketing Rocket team, you can use it without breaking your sweat. Moreover, you can also join their webinar to get more knowledge and ask for their advice for your business. They are very professional and certified online marketers, with great enthusiasm.

Lastly, with only $147 for 6 months, I think Marketing Rocket is the great tool with a fair price for you to try.


CRMery – The Joomla customer relationship management


CRMery can save you a lot of time on customers segmentation,  contact management as well as leads tracking. CRM for your site will be easier than ever with the help of CRMery. It’s equipped with all the basic features that any CRM solution needs, such as creating and managing events, tasks, calendars, documents.

CRMery - Joomla marketing extensions


You can segment your customers such as who used deal, who bought how many products… to have better offer for them and make them become loyalty customers. CRMery can be integrated with AcyMailing so you can easily track subscribers, who open your email... to find the suitable way to connect your customers.

The backend is simple and informative.  All features are self-explained so you won't get any trouble on using it. The only problem I got with CRMery is the integration with other Joomla extensions. It will be perfect if there are more ways to connect data between Joomla extensions.

Well, I have to say that CRMery is not cheap. It's sold at $499. You don't need to pay monthly fee for the product but actually you still have to pay renewal fee to get support or updates. So CRMery is highly recommended for those who are really serious about investing in marketing activity on their site.


Which Joomla marketing extension would you choose?

So above are my two favourite Joomla marketing tools. Hope that with this review, you can have more marketing and sales solutions for your Joomla website.

Do you have any other sales-boosting weapon? Please share with us and together we can create highly converting Joomla websites.

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