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Joomla Vietnam Meetup 2016 Recap

Joomla Vietnam Meetup 2016 Recap

Joomla Vietnam Meetup 2016 is the second official Joomla meeting for Joomla community in Vietnam since JoomlaDay Vietnam 2009. It has been 7 years so we were very excited waiting for such great reunion.  Just as how we dreamed about it, it was truly a helpful experience and inspiring vision sharing from developer to developer.

Who were there?

Joomla Vietnam Meetup 2016

In this meetup, as one of the event organizers and sponsors, we invited many special guests as well as Joomla influencers:

  • Johan Janssens – Co-Founder of Joomla
  • Pete Bui – Owner at Joomlabe.at
  • Mark Lee - Lead Developer & Co-Founder of StackIdeas
  • Krit & Sai – Founder and Manager of CMSPlugins
  • Don Tian - Founder of EallTech
  • Jerry Christiansen – Project Manager of redCOMPONENT

Also, there were many Vietnamese Joomla providers and Joomla Service teams joining hand to organize the event: JoomlaShine, JoomlArt, EGD, NetBase, Brainos, Templaza, Vietbrain, JoomDonation, JoomBooking.

What did we share about?

The even kickstarted with sharing from Henry Nguyen about Joomla market and the current state of Joomla.

Following that was a sharing from Johan. Everyone discussed together and Johan helped us clear about the core value of open source software and Joomla particularly.

What do you think about Joomla, personally?

Joomla is more than a CMS, it’s a great website building platform. That’s why we choose Joomla.

After the lively discussion with Johan, we split into 2 groups in 2 rooms and discussed about various problems related to Joomla development, business model, open source license…

Key meetup takeaways:

Here are some cool ideas on how we can join in and contribute to make Joomla better:

  • Joomla providers to work together (with Joomlatools) to agree on a Joomla's universal style guide. If we can agree on a framework of common markups for Joomla, developers can utilize them to develop extensions and templates with less compatibility issues, less dependence on Bootstraps as well as other front-end frameworks.
  • Standardize the styles and markups in Joomla template framework and make it something more universal. Overtime, other providers who have good features can contribute theirs into Joomla’s core.

Additionally, we had some other lessons learnt right from our experience with creating Joomla extensions as well as Joomla templates:

  • It’s better to research the websites in reality to design a template that is more user-friendly with unique layouts, modules, and a lot of UX improvements
  • Design is not all. A good Joomla template should be powerful in term of its functionality
  • Joomla extensions should be made simple with less settings to help reduce the work for customer support as well as less work for its users.

Here are some pictures from the meetup:

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What’s coming next?

After a day of sharing many valuable lessons as well as helpful perspectives, we came to the future vision of contributing more to Joomla by increasing the Joomla events in Asia, joining in code/bug fixing for Joomla, and being more active with Joomla events.

We did enjoy the humble Joomla Vietnam Meetup and hope that in near future, we’ll soon have a good time together talking about Joomla.

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